New Halloween artwork

Here’s my latest Halloween artwork, I call it “The Haunting”. I’m trying to come up with something to enter in the Halloween art contest if they have one this year. I used dragon as my inspiration…can you tell? 🙂



6 responses to “New Halloween artwork

  1. that’s really friggin’ good. that girl got talent!

  2. Thanks tony…I’m still working on it a little, but for the most part it’s done.

  3. Gee, now I’m going to have a nightmare tonight.

  4. What the hell do you mean you modeled it after me??

  5. See, I knew she was going to light into you for THAT comment. Nice work (the drawing, not the Dragon slam).

  6. What drags? I was trying to pay you a compliment…geez! 😛

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