Hoosierboy gets snaked

Hey HB is this what the snake looked like?


If so my dear fellow hoosier he is indeed poisonous for he is a copperhead. So stay the hell away from him! Quick run away now! I would seriously think about calling animal control and reporting that you saw one, just to see what they suggest.


16 responses to “Hoosierboy gets snaked

  1. Seriously folks, you should steer clear of Florida if you’re afraid of snakes. We’ve gottem all, copperheads, rattlers, black racers, moccasins and coral snakes.

  2. No it was not a copperhead, I am pretty sure it was a common water snake.

  3. I won’t be going to Florida now. OTH tells me there are spiders and now I find there’s snakes. I think I’ll stay where I am since I know about the lethal fauna here.

  4. OMG, do I ever hate snakes. Thanks for the tip, Tony. No visits to Florida in my near future…

  5. I don’t know about ya’ll, but it’s sunny and 80° here in the Sunshine State. I did see a black racer while watering my bamboo and palm trees! Gosh, I had to take my shirt off because I was getting a little warm. That’s ok, though. I just threw on my trunks and went for a swim. I think I’ll drive down to the beach later and sip on some foo foo drinks with umbrellas in them. I don’t know…maybe a Rum Runner or something. Then tonight Mary and I could go down to the tiki hut bar and listen to some steel drum music and watch all the tourist types.

    I’ll take spiders and snakes over snow and cold any day. Suckers! Muahahahahhahaha!

  6. Hey Tony — I say this with the kindest of intentions___bite me!!!

    It may hit the 60’s today and it is sunny!

    Hey Tony do you get to see the beautiful fall leaves and experience the joys of the changing seasons? Yeah, I would take Florida weather too.

  7. Y’know I saw this earlier but just now when I dropped in to peruse your blogroll, I saw that title again and had to do a double take because, for a nanosecond, I thought it said “hoosierboy gets naked”. Hahahahaha!

    Where is my weekend dammit! It’s not getting here fast enough…

  8. Was that intentional Goldbloom? 😉

  9. Hoosierboy, we have seasons here in Florida. Early Summer. Summer. Late Summer and Next Summer!

  10. I’m with Tony on this one. It’s in the 80’s and sunny here in Alabama. It suddenly got a lot hotter because I’m very pissed off right now but I guess you can’t have everything.

  11. For the record, I thought it said something about HB getting naked too. lol

  12. Nah if I was going to say that I would have said “Hoosierboy gets buck nekkid”. LOL

  13. Tony…I know what you can do with your little umbrella! 😛

  14. I’m not that kinda boy, Goldbloom. Am I Lit-tle Dragon?

  15. That’s right Tony, Goldbloom must be hallucinating again. lol

  16. I only hallucinate when dragon spikes my drink!

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