Wayback When’sday

Memories of growing up & life on South 26 street. I loved that house & it was a sad, sad day when I had to leave it. It was a big old house with a wrap around porch & a huge back yard. A great place to be a kid!

Some of my fondest memories from that house were  times spent in the yard. We had grape vines in the back yard and Drags & I couldn’t keep from eating till we were almost sick. I remember Mom used to yell out the back door “girls get out of those grapes?” So we’d pick off a big bunch and run off to eat them elsewhere. Of course later on when we were laying on the sofa holding our bellies and groaning Mom would figure it out. I also remember the time we found a decapitated squirrel in the yard and put it (& it’s head) in a baggy. We then proceeded to go inside, where Mom was entertaining some guest,  and we asked her for a needle and thread. When she inquired as to why we needed it Iheld up the baggy and said we needed to sew the squirrels head back on so we could bring it back to life. Boy did she get upset over that one…LOL

One of Drags & I’s favorite games was “bloody murder” and we played it on a regular basis with all the neighbor kids. I got pretty good at hiding because of this game. For those of you who never played this game it was just a scary version of hide-n-seek. You should try it some time…hey drags you up for a game?

I also remember that we had big bushes along one side of the yard and once a boy (kid of our parents friends) called me over to them and told me that if I showed him my woo hoo he’d show me his ding dong. Well this ticked me off and I punched the kid so hard it knocked him into the bushes. He never did tell on me…I wonder why?

One last memory. I remember playing on that big porch, but most of all I remember sitting out on the porch swing in the evenings when everything was peaceful and good with the world. Oh yes I loved that house!


11 responses to “Wayback When’sday

  1. Oh, I remember bloody murder, and kick the can. We moved around alot when I was a kid and these games were the great equalizers, no matter which coast you were from, you knew how to play them. Nice post, I love old memories.

  2. Great post. Loved the squirrel story.

  3. Goldbloom, you get your hiney down here and we’ll play some bloody murder…we already play flashlight tag here! lol
    I loved that house, and that neighborhood. Remember how we used to go to Laurie and Valerie’s and spy on Greg next door through the bushes?? lolol We were so ornery.

  4. That squirrel story is priceless. 🙂 You and DL have so many great memories and stories, and tell them so well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Drags we need to go to a paintball arena…I’d paint your hiney all over the place! LOL

  6. I don’t think so spunky. I may not like guns, but I’m a good shot. You’d be pooping paint gun pellets for a month.

  7. I think the kid may have been talking about snack cakes 😉

    If not, good on you about nipping his career in sexual harassment in the bud.

  8. lol Hammer, that just earned you a spot on the ol’ blogroll…

    Remember how we chose who would be “it” for our childhood games? ONE TWO THREE…NOT IT! Or, “My mother and your mother were hanging up clothes. My mother punched your mother right in the nose. What color was the blood? Green. G-R-E-E-N and you are not it.” …or “One potato two potato three potato four, five potato siz potato seven potato more!” Or…”Eenie meanie miney moe, catch a nigger (of course we would say African American today) by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eenie meanie miney moe.

    Any more?

  9. OMG Tony that “eenie meanie miney moe” thing got me into hot water one day when I was young. I’ll have to blog about it.

    Hammer…He wasn’t talking about snack cakes. 😛

  10. We had a house (which somehow got much smaller when I went back to visit it) that was part of an old farm, so we had big fields to run around in. There were four of us, so there were many games of torture and torment of each other! Ah, the good old days…

  11. Every house should have a big porch… ought to be a law!

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