Appropriately Inappropriate…

…Or Talk Goofy to me baby!Okay so this post will either make you laugh or you’ll leave thinking Goldbloom is a weirdo.

Have you ever been in a romantic or intimate moment and were suddenly struck with a “Goofy Mood”. If you’ve ever been there you know exactly what I’m talking about, you’ll suddenly blurt out something like “She can’t take much more captain” or “Say hello to my little friend”. And of course you must always use the proper accent when saying such things. Sometimes the humor can backfire on you and other times it encourages your Love Buddy to retaliate with his/her own humorous lines, such as “Man Down” or “Me love you long two minutes” (thank you Jose for that laugh). Often after exchanging such witty quips you’ll be laughing and rolling around yelling stop…I can’t take it! You have to wonder what the neighbors, or God forbid the kids think. If you’re lucky (hehe) the humorous moment passes quickly, otherwise it’s comedy central hour. How about you guys, has this happened to you? If so feel free to add your own funny lines that have been spoken in a moment of passion/humor. Asta La-Vista Baby!


19 responses to “Appropriately Inappropriate…

  1. The only one I remember is when I accidentally hit a brass potpourri bowl with uhhmm
    “mr happy”. It made a loud ringing Donnnggg sound.

    We couldn’t stop singing DING, DONG! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The wicked Witch! Ding, Dong – The wicked witch is dead.

    Yeah.. well It was funny at the time.

  2. LOLOL Hammer that’s hilarious!

  3. “Me love you long two minutes!”

    Jose sounds like a sexual dynamo! Sounds more like ‘il Kim.

  4. Me no ruv you wong two minute….Me ruv you wong time! Me IL Kim…Me have big, big bomb.

  5. ROTFL – Thanks, I needed a good laugh today!
    Yes, I’ve had one ot two also, but I don’t know your guys that well… yet.

  6. DNR…I like how you added that “yet” at the end.

  7. Hillarious…LOL both you and Hammer. My God, I can’t stop laughing. . .

  8. Hammer, the song you should have sung is the old T-Rex song “Bang a gong”. lolol

  9. BTW, just for the record, I’m not giving up any of my comedy secrets, however I WILL say that leg cramps suck. 🙂 Am I right ladies?

  10. LOL Dragon….I remember your leg cramp story.

  11. My Papa Bear is not a funny guy and any witty comment I happened to make would go straight over his head. I consider myself lucky if he stays awake during the big moment,… oh wait, that’s me that falls asleep.

  12. LOL Kat do you think he’d notice if your wore a red clown nose & the big shoes?

  13. Don’t forget the squeaker.

  14. Two minutes? Is he a man or a machine? I have to know his longevity secrets!

  15. HB Jose claims it just comes naturally…maybe he’s hiding something.

  16. I am sore tempted senor, but my better half would kill me.

  17. Honza…We wont tell! 😛

  18. Clean up on isle 5!! That usually is good for a slug from the Queen.

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