I give you Mr & Mrs Goldbloom

These are the cartoon images of Jose and I that was originally done for the eegad stories. Jose…what a shady character! Jose’s image was used for Angry-D’s character and mine was used for MrsJG of course.



12 responses to “I give you Mr & Mrs Goldbloom

  1. Just in time for Halloween…

  2. Mr. Drags….I know that’s you!

  3. She must be a mind reader honey!

  4. What a handsome lookin’ couple. Couple of what’s …i don’t know!

  5. Hey hey Tony…be nice! 😛

    We got a great laugh over Jose’s pic, I photo shopped him and gave him the afro & the goatee…You know I pimped him out. LOL

  6. Great job! I need to learn how to do that.

  7. Jose’s photo looks like he could be Shaft or something….DAMN RIGHT! LOL.

  8. LOL Michelle…Damn straight!

  9. That image just cracks me right the hell up…LOL. Hope you are having a better day today.

  10. Yes I’m feeling much better today thank you. Drags and I had an hour long gripe session on the phone last night and I think it helped both of us.

  11. Good, glad to hear it. Sometimes you just need to vent (take it from me, a world class venter).

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