Wayback When’sday

Well it’s time for another post from WAY BACK and Since we just celebrated Halloween I thought it would be a perfect time to tell about scary memories from my childhood. Of course the first scary memory that comes to mind is Dragon, but I think I’ll leave her alone today.  😛

I remember all the rituals I had as a child which were meant to keep me from being exposed to unspeakable horrors. One such ritual was that I could NEVER look out my bedroom window at night lest I see the scary floating head guy from that one show on the television. The curtains always had to be closed at night and if I had neglected to do that before it became dark it was imperative that I sneak up on the curtain and close it without making eye contact with the window pane. Another ritual/rule was that you could never stand or walk right next to your bed at night for if you strayed there a creature of unspeakable evil would grab you and pull you down into the bowels of his monsterous pit. Really! Once in bed if the monsters started lurking you would be totally safe as long as you were completely covered by your magical sheet. Really really!

I remember drags and I sharing a room and it was a huge room. Her bed was on one side mine was on the other and placed in between on the opposite wall was a big console TV. We used to lay in our beds, in the dark, watching Sammy Terry. The problem was Dragon always fell asleep before the show was over and it left me to get up in the darkness to turn our TV off. I remember throwing stuffed animals at her trying to wake her up so we could turn it off together, because the monsters would only attack if you were alone. Needless to say on a few nights when I couldn’t wake her up the TV stayed on. I wonder if my paranoia had anything to do with our family being addicted to horror flicks?


16 responses to “Wayback When’sday

  1. You and I must had identical childhoods, I swear. Paranoia was my middle name back then.

  2. hehehe…I remember the tv thing. You weenie!

  3. Actually, come to think of it, it still is–LOL.

  4. Don’t give me that Drags…you were just as paranoid as I was. Shall I talk about my tiger? 🙂

  5. Michelle I’m still a little paranoid too. I think it comes from years of exposure to drags.

  6. for me it was a fear of snakes under my bed, If I slept right in the middle I was safe, near the edges they would get me.

  7. Yep the window thing was from the show “salems lot” scared the crap out of me for years. I still keep all the blinds closed to this day. The under the bed thing came from some twilight zone show I think.

    I was an only child so I had to carry my dog with me whenever going to turn things off or investigate potential monsters.

  8. HB I always tried to stay in the middle of the bed too, better to be safe than sorry. LOL

    Hammer the headless man/monster I’m thinking of came from an older show than that, but I can’t remember the name.

  9. For me, a youngest child tortured by my MUCH older siblings, nowhere was safe. There was a canibal family under the bed, and unspeakable horrors in the hall once the lights went out. Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone and Dark Shadows… it’s no wonder I’m a freakish insomniac!

  10. The proper term for them is “monsers” when you’re little and can’t speak right. They were horrible, just horrible. If the closet was left open, I could make out something to be very monserlike and the closet door had to be closed!

  11. Yep the closet being closed was a must!

  12. OMG Kat, I LOVED Dark Shadows…I used to race home from school to watch it.

  13. I bet the remote control was invented for people like you!

    Me too, dragonlady! I parked myself in front of the TV to watch Dark Shadows, pestering my brother or my mom to tell me what they were saying.

  14. Growing up on a farm and often sleeping in the veld (bush) cured me of paranoia at an early stage.
    My wife still gets up to close and lock a cuboard door left open by me.
    Strange thing, the mind.

  15. Oh yes we had no TV, I bought my first one when I was about 26 years old.

  16. I think not having a tv was a key reason you didn’t suffer from paranoia. Also you probably learned to use your imagination better than those of us who had a TV. Although I did have quite the imagination…LOL

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