Hey isn’t that………


To bad he isn’t stranded on an island.


7 responses to “Hey isn’t that………

  1. oh dear god! that is so cute. can we send him far far away?
    Really can we………

  2. I’d rather have him in Antarctica. He might corrupt Gilligan.

  3. I’m going to have to change the name of my “il Kim” tab to “Photoshopped.” This is some of your best work!

  4. LOL. . . Well, what can I say???? Keep them, use them, throw them, abuse them. . .

  5. I say, Lovey, do you know how to spell “apollogee”? I sure don’t.

  6. If John Kerry was on gilligans Island they would have cooked him, eaten him and used his hair to make ginger a new dress.

  7. Heck they could have used his hair to weave a raft! 😛

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