2 for 1 special!

    Search Terms + Linkfest

Halloween artwork  
official zombie survival test – See Dragonlady.
what hole ales test – HUH?

brain teaser fox and hound  – What about a frog?
The life of Kim Jung-il  – What about IL Kim?
price of hammer hog  – WTH is a hammer hog?
watermelon skoal  
Snakes Invade Home  – HB this one is for you.

canine padded container  – Hairybeast might need one.
how to kill snakes  – Pay attention Hoosierboy!
Halloween artwork 
snake infested house 
lyman hepworth-Who in the hell is Lyman Hepworth?
i need a padded cell  – Who doesn’t!
happy 19th anniversary poem 
“multiple breasts”Tony are you responsible for this?
movies with bad monkeys performing surgery -ROFLMAO!
Watermelon skoal 
7894ad42acf5edfcfac25dd44abeeb8b  – ???? Secret code?
skoal watermelon
copperhead October hibernate 

fluck the horse  – I’ve said that many times!


watermelon skoal-Why are people searching for this?


7 responses to “2 for 1 special!

  1. God I could go for multiple breasts. Meaning 2. 2 breasts. That’ll do.

  2. watermelon skoal? Is that a new brand of dipping snuff for Brokeback cowboys?

  3. Ok this is funny. I was helping Kat Campbell import her old blog to a WordPress blog and I hadn’t logged off her Kat Campbell name when writing the above post. So, no…Kat’s not a perv…it was me…Tony!

    LOL…I looked at that and said…hmmm…she said the same thing I did!

  4. LOL Tony….That’s hilarious.

  5. Watermelon Skoal? Must be they like to chew AND spit out potential watermelon seeds??? ICK.

  6. Michelle….or gawd forbid it be watermellon flavored, that just sounds nasty!

  7. Love the way you melded these two things together (and thanks for the linky).

    “moves with bad monkeys performing surgery” That’s FUNNY!

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