Live Blogging Challenge…

…from Hoosierboy.

I think this live blogging could be refreshing. It sure beats putting hours into coming up with a decent (or not so decent) blog story. You guys should try it.

My oldest son is home sick today so my blogging will be cut short since I’ll have to take care of the little booger…danged kid! I swear it seems like someone is always sick around here, what’s up with that?

Don’t you hate it when you go to the store for something and once you get there you start looking at and buying other things totally forgetting what you went there for in the first place. I went to get the kids some new gloves last night and walked out of the store without a single glove….grrrrr!

I’m trying to figure out how to handle a situation that my 15 year old has gotten herself into. A girl in her gym class borrowed my daughters brand new hoodie to wear outside during class, and now she won’t give it back. That was over a month ago and my daughter hasn’t told me until now. I got the girls name and I’m going to attempt to find a phone number for her so I can call her parents. If I don’t get anywhere there I’ll call the school I guess. Kids! Maybe she’ll listen to me now when I tell her she isn’t to loan her clothes out. (I’ve only said it like 500 times!)

I hate car payments…every month when I make the van payment I get all choked up and my blood pressure rises. That’s money I could be spending on clothes!!!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves around this house is people forgetting to flush the damned toilet. What’s up with that? How hard is it the push on the little handle thingy???? I swear the next time I find somebodies business in the stool I’m gonna leave it there and make a big deal out of it while they’ve got company over. Maybe then they’ll start remembering.

I love watching the news channel. I keep our television on Fox 59 all day long, so if I’m not watching it I’m listening to it. I am addicted to news & horror flicks…I know what you’re thinking “what’s the difference between the two?”.

Don’t you hate it when you spend a fortune on stockings and you put a snag in one whilst putting it on for the first time. Or what about putting on a new blouse for the first time and a button falls off.

I’m addicted to comedy, I guess I love to laugh! I think it comes from growing up with dragon. We laughed our way through childhood! Oh and we like to be sarcastic in case you hadn’t noticed.

Well I’m going to end my live blog post here, because to be honest I could just go on doing this all day and then I’d never get anything done around here. Hope you all have a great weekend. CIAO!


17 responses to “Live Blogging Challenge…

  1. Wishing you a good weekend too, MRS JGB…by the way, I look your blog’s new look. Very cool!

  2. Thanks Michelle… It took me a while to get a usable pic. I was trying to take a pic of myself and I kept missing my face. Jose would say “imagine that with that big head”. The bastard…okay he’s catching grief for what I imagine he would say, LOL. Thank God I was using a digital camera and not one that requires film or I would have wasted quite a few pictures. I love technology!!!!

    Have a good weekend…do something fun & exciting, or just put on your pajamas with the built in feet and relax! 🙂

  3. Sometimes my kids don’t flush because they are afraid of another “overflow” incident.

    My son has a problem getting on target. My solution is to make him clean his own bathroom. Whenever I hear him squeal “eeeewww peeee” I remind him who sprayed it.

  4. Hammer I think that is the reason, but I’ve gone over proper procedure for avoiding the overflow! Then again there are many times that they’ve done the other job and don’t flush, I always know it’s one of the males in the house when this happens because of the lack of tissue. My teenage daughter is responsible for cleaning the kids bathroom & she always throws a fit about cleaning the toilet…LOL

  5. I have a problem with people NOT placing a new roll of paper when they use up all the old. The just leave the old cardboard thing there and the new roll is either laying on the floor underneath or propped up on the bathtub or sink. This is in BOTH bathrooms!! I don’t think anyone but me has actually hung a new roll since we’ve lived here.

  6. Dragon that’s another problem I have here. It’s become second nature for me to check the roll before sitting upon the throne. I also can’t believe how much toilet paper the heathens can go through…good Lord!

  7. It’s a pet peeve of mine when the roll is hung backwards. Is that just me?

  8. No hammer I hate that Too! It seems I have a lot of rules about the potty ritual…hmmm I’ve never realized this before.

  9. I SOOOOOOOO agree with Dragon…WTH? Why can’t people just replace it with a new one? Answer: Because they are too lazy and figure someone else will do it. I have that problem at work with the toilet paper AND the paper towels. It’s like responsibility has taken a hiatus with these people.

    I will try and have a good weekend, MRS JGB—-I haven’t had “footie” pjs in years, but that’s a good idea. Will have to go get some.

    P.S. Jose? Probably lucky he’s still alive after that comment AND the week you had. 😉

  10. Ain’t live brain blogging fun? It is so much easier than trying to actually write a post. I may do it more often.

    Aa always thanks for the linkee. Have a great weekend

  11. Yes HB I actually loved it, less wear and tear on the old brain. No problem on the linkee thingy. Have a nice weekend and watch out for that damned allusive snake.

  12. First off, the hoodie incident. I could send Cousin Steve over. He’ll take care of that!

    Secondly, I haven’t had a car payment in 2 1/2 years. Sure I drive a beat up pickup…but hey…it’s mine!

    Third of all, the store: Mary asks me to go to the store and get milk, dryer sheets and diet coke. What really makes me mad is that she asks if I want her to write it down. I say NO and inevitably forget one of the items.

    And finally: I am addicted to comedy too. Ron White is one of my faves. My favorite line of his, “When I get drunk, people learn stuff. Like last night in Vegas when I told the cab driver I gotta Yak. It didn’t mean I have a big furry animal in my back yard!”

    The end.

  13. Tony — I am going to see Ron White next friday –Live (like either of us would be dead…)

  14. HB…he’s hilarious. He sure can pound the Scotch, can’t he?

  15. I’m a Denis Leary fan…the man cracks me up.

  16. Me too drags…Dennis Leary & Billy Connolly both crack me up. Maybe it’s their shock factor.

  17. Hey Tony…when do you think Uncle Steve could get here? 🙂

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