Goldbloom’s padded cell

Here’s a new pic I’m working on for my site….I’m still not sure how I’m going to use it yet.



23 responses to “Goldbloom’s padded cell

  1. LOL! I love it! 🙂

  2. Hmmm…is it you in a padded cell?? Is it an unconcious message of that you feel you don’t get heard?? 😮

  3. Kirsten…Yes it’s me. See what my kids have done to me. 🙂

  4. Very nice! Just don’t change the sexy eyes at the top…

  5. I’ve seen that picture twice. (it’s great by the way) Second time, you’d painted your tonails. They don’t let you have fingernail polish in padded cells…errr…I mean…maybe they do…how would I know?

  6. LOL, I won’t change the eyes DNR. BTW I decided to use this pic for my “about me” page….how appropriate!
    Hmmmm Tony….what else DON’T you know about a padded cell? I wondered if anyone would notice that I had painted the toenails, Very observant!

  7. WTH is going on with WordPress?!?!?!? I’m getting so pissed off here!

  8. did you rename the picture when you uploaded it? I was working on a new MrsJG template. I need that picture dammit! By the way… isn’t taken. If you’re going to run with the big dogs, you need to get your own domain name. It’s cheap…you and Drags should consider it.

  9. What was the name you needed I can change the name back. I’ve actually thought of getting my own domain. We have one for our family website.

  10. the goldblooms-padded-cell-pic.jpg isn’t showing up on my monitor…is it me…or is something broken. I want to see the family website…email me the link!

  11. I couldn’t get the “pic” pic to show up either so I renamed it and uploaded again and now it’s working. I’m not sure on the Addy for the website…that’s Jose’s baby, I never go there. I’ll have to get it from him & post it tomorrow since he’s already asleep.

  12. LOL, I think a lot of moms could identify with this pic. I burst out laughing when I opened the page this morning. Great talent!

  13. The pic isn’t loading for me either.

  14. Thanks Laura.

    Dazd…I think it’s fixed now. I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with this stupid pic….grrrr!

  15. Girl, you are so artistic, I am in awe! Way kewl.

  16. Yes I can see the pic now. MrsJ….don’t fret, it coulda been OE from here.

  17. Thanks Michelle, but it’s not all me. This one is a photo shopped image that I’ve reworked. I love phototshop!

    Dazd….You don’t know Jose & the rugrats!

  18. You know, on the one hand, it kinda resembles a drunk and/or deranged Linda Evans…dontcha think? No offense meant either. It’s just the way her eyes are positioned.

  19. My God Michelle it does…..thanks for pointing that out to me! Especially on the day when my delicate mental state hangs on by a thread! 🙂

  20. “Who Shot J.R.?” Ummmmm……..I think it was (wait for it)—-Dragon!” she exclaimed before being thrown in the Booby Hatch. Damn, I’m getting loopy….where is Hammer with our 90 proof?

  21. ::giggles uncontrollably:: It DOES look like Linda Evans!!!
    Michelle! Don’t be telling my secrets (shooting J.R.)! Damn it, it used to be when you bought somebody off, they stayed bought!

  22. There will never be enough $$$ to buy me off, DL. And they all thought it was actually Kristen. Think again, folks. LOL.

  23. Hey…who did your pedicure? It doesn’t match the walls. Paris Hilton would be appalled! (Not really—I’m sure not much could shock her, but that’s another subject).

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