IL Kim Says Don’t fowget to Vote…..

You vote Democwat on Erection Day. Democwats no take away my big big bombs!



9 responses to “IL Kim Says Don’t fowget to Vote…..

  1. Me vote today faw aw wepubricans in hope dat ritter Kim get no wespect.

  2. Sowwy wil Kim, I voted wepubwican…stwaight ticket awso. No bomb fow you, Hahaha no bomb!

  3. With a picture like that….I will have no choice but to vote “stwaight wepubwican” too. Boy I thought Halloween was over…..

  4. Don’t tell me that Paula Abdul wil cum outt tap-dancing to your new slogann….I drop da bom on herr
    – Il Kim

  5. I pity da fool wit da bomb!

  6. Damn, this picture makes me laugh EVERY time…even days later, I still laugh looking at it. LOL.

  7. LOL….I’m glad I’m not the only one. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling down my site and see one of his pics and burst out laughing. Jose always thinks I’m losing it.

  8. That’s me too….I sat there and laughed out loud, and somebody asked me why….ok, how the hell do you explain THAT? LOL. I just said “Oh, something just struck me funny.” Ittle do they know it’s IL Kim.

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