Can you tell this is my kid?

My daughter was being a joker and decided to snap a pic of herself like this…she said she’s preparing for her future. Heh!



28 responses to “Can you tell this is my kid?

  1. I feel a ‘Il Kim post coming on….LOL. You have taught them well, haven’t you? Sarcasm rules in this household…I feel it. 🙂 By the way, beautiful daughter (from what I can see here).

  2. Thanks Michelle, yes she is beautiful…I just wish she knew that. Sarcasm…it has to be a family gene or something!

  3. Uncle Tony’s humor is rubbin’ off on the poor kid!

  4. lol…myburkakid.jpg …two peas in a pod I tell you!

  5. LOL…she is quite the chip off the ol block!

  6. I think between all the readers you get on here plus you, there is PLENTY of sarcasm to go around….and then some.

  7. Sorry I disappeared there, but this post got me in the mood to listen to “sweet child of mine” by guns-n-roses. So now I’m jamming and my sweet child and I are singing badly and out of tune.

  8. Katira looks like a little emo raghead

  9. I can’t tell, but I’ve always been bad at those things. But from what I can see, she look like a very beautiful young lady.

    I know sarcasm is a gene. A couple years ago I met a half brother for the first time. (We were both in our 40s, mom had given him up when she was a teenager.) Besides looking very alike, we are both extremely sarcastic. My wife and his are convinced it is genetic.

  10. Don…..Don’t I know you from somewhere? You aren’t that boy that calls here for her all the time are you? hmmmm!

  11. LOL…it reminds me of those cold Indiana mornings when Mom would bundle us up for school (think Christmas Story).
    And yes, Katira is beautiful! 🙂

  12. HHHHAAAAA Ya maken meh blush lol. thank you Michelle,DNR, and AuntDragon for the compliment^^ And Don XP lol j/k

  13. Look out, it’s Al Quaeda!

  14. I I I I I I I

    Where do we go? Where do we go? Where do we go now….

    She does have beautiful eyes Mrs. G. And let’s hope she’s not right.

    That’s interesting though. Really. Would you, as an American, choose death over the burka? (And I’m not asking you to answer that specifically Goldbloom – just a hypothetical. I’ve thought about this before.)

  15. Freddie I thought about your question and if they did come here and tried to treat us women like that I would probably get myself killed. I’m too outspoken and head strong or is that sarcastic and defiant? Maybe I would go underground and plot a revolution! I don’t know really, it’s hard to speculate on something like that.

  16. I’m with you Goldbloom. Freedom at all costs.

  17. Oh, I meant to tell you, I LOVE her name…why didn’t MY mom name me that? (And no, I am NOT being sarcastic at all).

  18. Thanks Michelle…My mom found it in a novel she was reading about a female warrior. That ended up being what the name meant, and BOY does Katira live up to her name!

  19. Way cool. My name means (get this) “God-Like.” How very fitting. LOL.

  20. Hey Michelle…God like???? LOL Well I guess I can’t laugh my name means “ruler with a spear” WTF???

  21. Let’s go form our own tribe. So people can look up to us and worship us. Are you in?

  22. I’m In…What shall we call our tribe?

  23. Thank you Michelle. Yes I do live up to my name dear mother lol. I hate it tho most ppl pronounce it wrong when they read it and the others spell it wrong when they hear it I mean come on there isn’t a N in my name so I don’t get why ppl think they pronounce it Katrina but o well atleast it is original right.^^

  24. You are welcome, Katira. No matter how people pronounce your name, I have a feeling that you are a force to be reckoned with! LOL.

    MRS JGB, how about Dances with Spears? LOL. Or All Hail to G and M….AHGM for short. DL will LOVE that one.

  25. LOL Michelle, I love them both, but the last one does have special appeal.

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