The New House Speaker Speaks Out

On the day after the Dems hostile takeover  took the House the new House Speaker Ninny Nancy Pelosi gave a speech to her biggest supporters.


My my what an excited crowd.




‘This is so exciting’  I want to assure you that we WILL be leaving Iraq.


Thanks be to allah we can now move our terrorist camps in and take over.  Oh….I mean…Democlats….Democlats!

Okay maybe I’m just bitter, but I’m also worried about the safety of this country, and let’s not forget our economy! I really hope things work out and we can get through this change without a lot of setbacks, but I’m not holding my breath.


21 responses to “The New House Speaker Speaks Out

  1. Soon enough, I think we’ll be seeing Ninny Nancy like this

  2. LOL Tony….Okay that made me laugh, but I don’t feel like laughing!

  3. Moxie puts it all into perspective. Yeah…a drink…or maybe even some weed may help.

  4. I kind of have the same hope Tony. I’m hoping America will wake up and say “WTF have we done!”, and correct their mistake at the next election.

  5. Tony….WEED? Who you been talking to? I never inhaled! LOL

  6. I’m depressed, if only because we’re going to be seeing SO much more of Nancy Pill-osi. I think it’s funny that the press is saying it’s a rebuke for the White House, when so many of the Dems won by running to the right!

    I’m just grateful that we won’t be seeing any more political ads for a while. Ugh.

  7. I know what you mean Sparrow…I was getting real tired of all the horrible political ads. I’m also getting real tired of the Press and their spin on everything.

    Oh well…I’m trying to be in a solemn mood here, but Tony keeps making me laugh!

  8. Yes, if ever there was media bias, it was evident last night. It was ridiculous.

  9. Great pics and the correct context, Mrs G.

  10. Hear that? :silence: That’s the sound of no political ads! Enjoy it for the next 1.5 years (oops, make that 1 year probably—those damn politicans get an early jump on things).

  11. They may have a majotity but they still won’t get anything passed. A do nothing congress is a decent consolation prize. I guess.

    Who am I kidding?

    I’m going to go curl up in the corner and cry into a bottle of 90 proof.

  12. Thanks Unk…I was feeling inspired this morning for some reason.

    Michelle, It’s just like Christmas…they keep starting earlier & earlier!

    Hammer, Do you have anymore of that 90 proof?

  13. Pass it over here, Hammer. Unless you’ve drank all of it all already.

  14. Hammer wake up you can’t pass out on my blog, you’ve got to go back to yours!

    Michelle….He drank it ALL!

  15. DAMN IT!

  16. *scribbling furiously…she drinks…smokes pot…encourages others to do same…*

    I think we can be thankful that no one leader of anything can do anything without the agreement of the Senate and Congress.

  17. :::whispers::: Hey guys hide the bottle it’s Janet!

    Oh Hi Janet…glad you could stop by.

  18. Oh, Janet there’s none left for any of us….Hammer already drank it all.

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