The Watcher in the Garage

I finished my nightly rituals and headed off to the garage for my last smoke of the day. I don’t smoke in my house so it’s either the spider-ridden garage or the great outdoors when I go for a smoke. As usual my loyal dog Hollywood trailed along with me, I tell ya he thinks he’s my shadow. I always look forward to my last smoke, the house is quiet and all the days work is behind me, it’s just me & my thoughts. I lit up my cig and leaned back in my chair, Ahhh.

 Wait what was that….did something just move out here? I sit and listen for what must have been hours (okay maybe 1 minute) but didn’t hear the sound again. Heh my minds playing tricks on me.  I resumed smoking my cigarette and was planning the next day’s events when I got the eerie feeling that I was being watched. “Hello” I can’t believe I said hello like someone was going to answer me. I tried to shake the feeling and started smoking my cig again when the noise returned. It was a scratching sound and was coming from the dark corner of the garage. Good Lord! I’m not alone. “Hello” Jeez I said it again! Then Hollywood lifted his head and started growling. Okay now I’m totally paranoid and I tell Hollywood to “Get it”, but he just looks at me and grunts. Great, I feel so safe with that dog around. I decide to investigate further and started walking towards the corner. When I was about half way there a mouse ran across the floor and into another corner. Needless to say I screamed, oh and I did a little swearing. Okay I did a lot of swearing….jeez. Hollywood ran after it, but he wasn’t quite fast enough, man he wanted that mouse too.

So as I sat back down to finish my cigarette and plan my day I made a mental note; MUST BUY MOUSE TRAP TOMORROW!  


6 responses to “The Watcher in the Garage

  1. hehehe…weenie!

  2. Oh, yuck, how I detest rodents! My stupid dog is afraid of them too, that’s why we keep two cats. The punishment for interupting cigarette time should be poison and a trap.

  3. I don’t know which is worse-my baby snake or your mouse. The other day I was in the garage and saw something moving out of the corner of my eye and when I looked, it was a grasshopper or cricket. I just walked out and pretended I didn’t see it. I just can’t deal with any more wildlife in the garage.

  4. I walked out he front door last night for some air and a possum was staring at me from about 3 feet away,

    He made a move to dart inside the house so I planted my foot in front of him and yelled “git asshole” I don’t know why I said those words. Did I metion it was 3AM?

    The possum ran off and now the neighbors think I’m even loonier than before.

  5. Oh Mrs.G how I wish there had been video… I’ll bet my blog you did a little dance too? Now that would have been funny, screaming, swearing cigarette smoking, dancing lady in a dark garage. The mental images just won’t stop. ROTFL and L and L

    Hammer – when I step outside at 3am, I can’t help but wonder, ‘what are my neighbors doing outside at 3am and WTF are they cussing at’ or was that you???

  6. DNR if there had been a tape of the event I would have destroyed it by now. LOL

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