It’s Linkfest Friday!

Or Show me the love Friday, whichever you prefer. Before I get started I must first tell you about last night. My oldest son’s school had their annual music program last night and it was wonderful. I watched my son up there performing his cute little choreographed routine, but he kept using the wrong arm for the motions, LOL, then at the end of every song, being the ham that he is, he would always add his own little dance move and crack himself up. Wouldn’t you know it I forgot the video camera! It was a very moving program, because it encompassed why America’s so great and they played video footage of 911 during the song “America’s tears”. They had to go and ruin it though on the last bit, because they started talking about learning to shake hands with our enemies instead of making fists, and basically a lot of anti-war hooey. I of course couldn’t bite my tongue and I said a little loudly “I just love how they’re pushing their anti-war crap on my kid…I’ll have to straighten him out when we get home”. Jose just smiled. Oh well now on with the Friday Linkfest:

First up Tony has a very interesting and informative piece on the DNC’s new agenda…You must read this! LOL Sparrow has a great post about “Manly men” and her adventures with a rodent. Hoosierboy is having a midlife crisis, plus it’s “Friday five” time again. DNR who is a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, talks about our fallen soldiers. Hammer comes clean about his video game addiction. Crazy uncle gives a recap on his latest ManCamp outing. If you haven’t read Dragonlady’s Zombie Chronicles now is a good time to start. She’s taken down the first book, but has just started on the second one so go on over and give it a look- see. Well that about sums up this Friday’s Linkfest. Now go read and enjoy!


12 responses to “It’s Linkfest Friday!

  1. Muchas Gracia por el linko, Senora!

    Como Esta?

    I’m just getting used to speaking Spanish, being that we’ll all be speaking it before you know it!

  2. caca…Gracias. Mi stupido.

  3. ningún problema tony.

    Estoy muy bien, y usted?

    Usted dijo el hehehe de la mierda…!

  4. If you’re saying that I speak Spanish quite shitily..I know!


  5. Ohhh thanks for linking the Zombie Chronicles, I NEED the hits. Besides, come on, how cool is a book that we’re all in???

  6. Tony would I make fun of you???? hehehe

  7. Hey MRS JGB, I’m no good at linking, but thought you’d find this article interesting:

    Sound like Axl??? LOL.

  8. Mrs. J.G., Thanks for the Goldbloomalanche!!

  9. No problem Sparrow. I loved that story and it seems to fit the theme at my house this week: When nature attacks!

  10. Mrs. JG – Thansk so much for the link.

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