Search Terms for the past 7 days

Ten Things You Don’t Want to Hear From… – ???
clumsy smurf pictures – Dragon on ice! LOL
70ff319b94eb0c7ff3816ad65549cf68d2940ddd – OK!
how to remove snakes from home – What about spiders?
zombie survival test – Oral or written?
bathing suits secrets for beauty pageant – Butt Glue!

watermelon skoal 
drunken smurf – Fester is this one for you?
were is scary waldo 
WUSAH – I’m trying to find wusah myself.
Birth date and place of Nancy Pelosi – who cares!
naughty smurf movie  – This is highly disturbing!
inspiration to get through difficult times  – Jack Daniels?
t  – Hey Drags, the “t” people found me too!
this you don’t wanna hear operation 

skoal watermelon 
10 things you don’t want to hear on oper – Oprah?
“multiple breasts”  – Tony!!!
tell/your/pants its/not/polite/to/point – LOL!
stop hair from going down the drain 
“Alabama with a banjo on my knee” dragon
Hillary cow driver farm – Hillary Cow sounds right!multiple breasts 

watermelon skoal 
Scaring children and swapping dentures   – YEEHAW!

watermelon skoal 
“met Elton john” 

i don’t want to hear you – Then go away!
Judy zuke 
padded cell texture – Marshmallow & Creme


I still can’t believe how many searches I get for Steve Irwin.


17 responses to “Search Terms for the past 7 days

  1. Yep, I love multiple breasts. As long as it’s not more than two!

  2. Search terms are just so much fun. 🙂 You have some real dillies…

  3. I have been getting some doozies as well. What tracking service do you use to find 7 days of searches?

  4. Goldbloom?, Jose and the kids ok?

  5. Yeah…I thought she was going to call me today???

  6. Hilary cow driver farm? Weird the things people will search for….I still can’t get over watermelon skoal. LOL.

  7. Goldbloom, we don’t know you, but we know you. Something’s up and I think I speak for your regulars…we’re worried about ya, kid.

  8. Likewise. Come back soon.

  9. Yeah, what Tony said… Hope everything is ok with you ladies (Mrs. JGB, Drags and EmoKat). I know I’m the new guy, but if I can do anything, let me know.

  10. Hey Goldbloom…call me…I’ll be home until about 10:30 your time.

  11. Come out Come out wherever you are!

  12. Ever’ding ok Mrs?

  13. Prayers for you from here, Mrs. JBG. Hoping you and yours are doing all right.

  14. Yeah, hope you’re OK. Let us know!

  15. God bless – let us know if we can do anything…

  16. Mrs. J.G., you’re in my prayers. And God is pretty good about listening to twitters.

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