Happy Fanksgiving Evwy One!


I found the following explanation of Thanksgiving at uncyclopedia.org and I just had to share it wit you guys…cause I love ya. Happy Turkey Day everyone, and btw I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Now go eat tons of Turkey and stuffing, and pie, and all that other stuff we love to eat on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day, also known as ‘Stupid Pilgrim’s day’, is a pagan celebration of the day food was invented, held by Americans, Canadians, Uglo-Americans and certain areas in Japan that just want to seem cool by copying everything the Americans do.

It is celebrated annually on the fourth thursday of November, and is one of America’s 150 officially recognized gorging holidays, in which every resident is required to eat until food oozes from at least 4 orifices. Failure to comply with this law (Gluttony vs. Common Sense (1953)) results in the perpetrator being forced to watch football. And as you all know we pretend to give thanks and be thankful, but we should really be thankful is that they didn’t kill us all for taking all their land. So why don’t we all face the truth and call it “never trust the noobs day”.


15 responses to “Happy Fanksgiving Evwy One!

  1. LOL…ok ok..you win…UNCLE. That’s hilarious!

  2. Or should that be “Pliceress”?

  3. Spawwow you make fun of IL Kim? I have big big bomb and awmy dat mawch weal pwetty. You no make fun of Il Kim….No make fun!

  4. Disturbing pic…I feel so dirty now. Uhhh…now I forgot what I came here for…oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. **snickers @ dragonlady**

    That was comical mjb 😀 I’m with tony – you win

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mrs!

  7. I needed that laugh in the middle of this cooking spree! Happy Thanksgiving M.J. – I’m wishing this is beginning of a great new year for you.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  9. Ohhh my God… this was too funny. Happy Thanks Giving to you too, dear. (Make it vegetarian.)

  10. That’s just wrong…

  11. Happy Thanksgiving MrsJ!

    Ummm…disturbing pic

  12. FUNNY! I wish we could nuke his a– and serve him up on a platter. I hope you had a Happy Turkey day.

  13. OMG—it never ends (Thank God)—too funny! Hope you had a good turkey day!

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