The Zombie Chronicles

For those of you who haven’t been to Dragon’s Zombie Chronicles site you need to go take a look. She just put up chapter 5 of her second book so it won’t take too much to get caught up. Come on leave her some feed back, link to the site…You can do it!

Drags here is that one pic of Jess, I’ve done some more work to it.



11 responses to “The Zombie Chronicles

  1. Wow, that some of your handywork? Very impressive!

  2. Awesome! Excellent work Goldbloom!
    BTW…I’ve been pimping the book around to a few places.

  3. Tony thanks, and yes this is a project that I started a long time ago, I used a pic from drags site (her daughter in zombie makeup) to get me started.

    Thanks Drags, good luck with the book.

  4. Scary! That is a heck of a glamour shot!

  5. That is a scary picture. Off to read the Zombie Chronicles….

  6. Is that the cover of the book you have made?

  7. I think the publisher gets to pick the cover art, or at least approves it.
    Or Goldbloom and I could torture the publisher until our demands were met. lol

  8. You need to send that over to Eric at Straight White Guy’s blog. He has a thing for Zombies.

  9. Woohoo…send Eric to the zombie chronicles! It’d be interesting to see what he thinks.

  10. … ACK!…. Ladies, I know that you mean well, but hey, I have a mortal fear of Zombies that knows few bounds….

    … so thank you for the nightmares I’ll be having tonight…..

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