Search Terms For The Past Week

kids say the darndest things – And always at the most inappropriate moments.  
farm sex denmark – I knew I shouldn’t have posted that story.
Comedy Central Booger – Hey what’s that on your finger? 
hilary jokes – Are you looking for Bill?
things you don’t want to hear on an airplane – Flatulence.
Post Secret Archive Spider bed sister – Step away from the bong pipe!
orlando bloom printable pictures – where? 🙂 
life in a padded cell – Welcome to my world.
multiple breasts – Tony haven’t we talked about this?
florence henderson nude* – You are a sick individual 
70ff319b94eb0c7ff3816ad65549cf68d2940ddd – I was just searching for that the other day.
pics of mrs. al sharpton – Why,why,why?
“all we really are is squirrels” – Just looking for a nut.
Udderly Amazing – Isn’t it!
everything’s coming up zombies – Good lord.
how to kill a wolf spider with a bug bomb – Throw the bomb and run like hell! 
butt glue for pageants – It’s the glue that binds us.  
new us house speaker – Did you mean the new house biotch?
“drunken smurf” +picture – The negatives were destroyed.


10 responses to “Search Terms For The Past Week

  1. I love your commentary. Always better than the search terms.

    “Throw the bomb and run like hell.” 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to see the return of butt glue!!

  3. Search terms…the tragic result of letting machines think for us!

  4. Yes, and as I said before, I love multiple breasts! I’m addicted to them. As long as they’re aren’t more than two!

  5. Those are some odd ones.

    I was all ready to post my weekly odd searches but alas, the perverts and weirdos took the week off.

  6. So have you had any search terms for “sharky” yet?? lol

  7. no drags…have you had any for HAG!

  8. So you’re still calling tonight, right? wench

  9. lotta love in that family!

  10. You know it. 🙂

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