Wow What a Week…TGIF!

Hello everyone…yes I’m still alive and kicking, but barely. This has been one crazy week. I’ve had kids dental appointments, optical appointments, my yearly physical, and now I must go get my blood-work and a mammogram done…Bah! Oh and next week is my dental appointment. Anyway you get the idea, I’m tired of running and I’m not doing crap today. Okay maybe I’ll do laundry or something, but I refuse to leave the house!

Well Sparrow tagged me with a Christmas meme whilst I was busy so I am posting it and any of you who would like to answer the questions may do so.

1. What is the worst Christmas gift you ever received? –A chia pet….hehe…shut up Dragon!

2. Two weeks before Christmas you win $1 million. You have to spend it all by the end of the year and you cannot buy anything  for yourself. How do you celebrate the holidays? – I would fly my whole family to Hawaii for one hell of a Christmas celebration.

3. Do you have any family traditions? What are they and do you continue the tradition in your own household? – The weekend before Christmas we drive around and look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. Then when we get home we drink eggnog or hot cocoa. We’ve also started a new tradition which we’ve done the last 4 years, we don’t put names on the kids gifts under the tree. We number them and keep a master list of what the number is and who it belongs to. It’s great the kids get so excited trying to figure out which ones are their presents.

4. What is your favorite smell from this season? –The smell of a real Christmas tree, which I haven’t been able to buy since my oldest daughter was little. She cried when we put our real tree out on the curb after Christmas. She was upset that the tree had to die just because we wanted to decorate it for Christmas. LOL! Anyway it broke our hearts and we’ve had an artificial tree every year since. 

5. Do you regift? (That’s when you get something you hate and give it to someone else on another Christmas later) – I’ve done it twice. I have re-gifted to one of my kids teachers once, and once for a co-worker.

6. If you have kids, how hard do you try to preserve the myth of Santa Claus? What do you do to keep the Fat Man “alive?” – I’ve had my Dad pretend to be Santa on the phone a few times. This started because my son had missed seeing Santa that year and he was horrified that he wouldn’t get anything, so I had to call the North Pole. LOL

7. When do you decorate your house and tree? When do you take everything down? Are you one of those batshit crazy people that does a countdown to Christmas (who anticipate that one day as if it is the birth of your firstborn)? – We decorate for Christmas on the weekend after Thanksgiving (And I’m usually batshit that weekend!) and take everything down the weekend after New Years.

8. Do you sing along with the Christmas muzak in the stores? What’s your favorite Christmas song and which is the one that you hate so badly that you go postal and run amok in the aisles of Walmart when you hear it? – One of my all time favorite Christmas songs is “Merry Christmas baby” by Charles Brown, I just love that song. The song I dislike the most would be the twelve days of Christmas, but I have yet to run amok whilst it was playing, maybe this year though!


12 responses to “Wow What a Week…TGIF!

  1. Sounds like you’ve been as busy as I have this week! I’m taking today off too.

  2. Jeebus, I was just getting ready to call you to make sure you were still alive or something. Call ME! lol Oh yeah, and I’m tagging myself on this meme. Why? Because I’m a dragon, I’m an adult and I CAN! 🙂

  3. So glad to see you back, MRS JGB! We’ve missed you!

    In response to #8, I like Feliz Navidad myself….puts a smile on my face every single time.

    LOVE your Christmas traditions, especially the part about numbering the gifts…EXCELLENT idea!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers….

  4. Hey! Who’s calling us batshit crazy people? We used to number the gifts too, my kids were lethal shakers, we had no choice!

  5. The twelve days of christmas needs to be retired.

    Reifting is great! I have a giant drawer full of stuff that is earmarked for new homes 🙂

  6. Lethal shakers, heh. That struck me as funny. 🙂

    My brother used to be able to just eye a wrapped gift and instantly predict what was in it…nine times out of ten, he was right.

  7. Michelle, I used to do the same thing…until I was forbidden to touch any presents.

  8. goldbloom, poor foreigners like yucca find “im not doing crap today” quite ambigous:-)

  9. LOL Yucca!

  10. I’m going to take up your Christmas tradition this year. That’s a GREAT idea!!!

    I think I”ll borrow this meme.

    also had a good laugh about the lethal shaker comment. Sounds like my nephews!!

  11. Merry Christmas, Goldbloom!

  12. Too early, Tony! Stow it for a couple more weeks!

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