Search Terms For The Past Week

70ff319b94eb0c7ff3816ad65549cf68d2940ddd –WTH is this!!!
gangsta smurf – He’s bout to bust a cap!
joe the dragon 
eeny meany miney moe n*gger – Sounds like a rap song…lol
my son asked for skoal 
reason women should vote in 1920’s – The country needed more stability 🙂
smashed spider – There’s nothing worse than a drunk spider.

borderline personality disorder  – How did they find out?
unintentional site names therapist  – Wow there’s a therapist for everything.
a very pretty box with a bow but nothing  – I got nothing!
the ten things you don’t want to hear on – On?
“Freddie Kruger” picture 
words of inspiration for someone who is   – Who is WHAT?
don’t tell mommy please – Well since you said please.
kids say the darndest things christmas  – Unfortunately Christmas isn’t the only time it happens.

christmas/who invented oh christmas 
ground airplane flatulence  – Who to call…bomb squad or bio hazard unit?
ZOMBIE CHRONICLES VIDEOS – Drags this one’s for you.
happy anniversary jose poem –  

gas “price comparison” coffee milk “per 
2 for 1 special

skoal watermelon  – Ah yes we can’t forget the friggin skoal watermelon search.
multiple breasts – Victoria’s secrets biggest challenge yet!

how to fluff the branches  – Without having them protrude from one’s chest.
Holly wolly  – Doodles all the day?
denmark animal bordello  – Mooove along sicko.

spider bites  – Isn’t that a new snack from Nabisco? 


6 responses to “Search Terms For The Past Week

  1. Those are some messed up and funny ones. Good comments too.

    I haven’t had any interesting searches for a couple of weeks…hmm just about the time you were offline…hmmm and now all the sudden I have tons of sick ass ones.

    Is there are a connection?

  2. Yep, the ol’ multiple breasts! Gotta love it!

  3. I want a picture of watermelon skoal.

  4. frothingatlemouse

    Fluffing the branches just calls to me…

  5. Isn’t it mad what people search for.

    I just blogged about my strangest one so far…

    Its a worry…

  6. I must admit I searched for “bombsquad watermelon multiple boobie doodles” to arrive in your sweet blog space within my crazed padded cell of a Google lookalike mega Search Engine focused on Australian bare essentials. Ok, do I pass?

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