IL Kim’s Singing Debut


14 responses to “IL Kim’s Singing Debut

  1. Great video. I almost feel bad for the little guy…nah I’m over it.

  2. LOL, that’s a keeper.

  3. I wish my speakers weren’t on the fritz! Actually, I wish someone (Santa) in my life would have recognized my need for some friggin’ speakers.

    Thanks, Goldbloom. You’re forcing me to go to the CompUSA store today. Preesh!

  4. LoL Tony…Santa must be slipping.

  5. Move over William Hung (from American Idol)!

  6. Who’s the slacker poster now?

  7. that was cute.

  8. Hey Tony…I heard that! 🙂

  9. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego….errrr Where in the world is Goldbloom?

  10. That’s it, we’re sending out a search party.

  11. I see from Dragon’s site you have a new shower head and a Bunn so you don’t need us anymore.



  12. COME ON GOLDBLOOM! Drop the Bunn and back away slowly. And then get your ass to your computer and POST!

  13. You mean “Get off you Bunn and get to posting” lol

    Maybe she’s showering…Mrs J. if you stay in the shower to long you grow gills. Honest…look it up.

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