Where the h3ll have I been???

Hi everyone sorry for the absence and of course for any worry I’ve caused you. I’ve been very busy darning Jose’s socks, and creating new recipes to keep him happy. I’ve also had lots of vacuuming to do, and good lord you wouldn’t believe how dusty this place gets. BTW does anyone know the best treatment for grass stains?

Okay maybe I haven’t been doing all of that stuff I just posted, but I read on Dragon’s site where she said I had been turned into a  stepford wife so I couldn’t resist. I also noticed that a certain imposter (MrDragon) was posting as me over on dragon’s site.

The truth is I really don’t know why I haven’t been posting, I’ve just felt sort of blah the last coulple of months. Maybe it’s the whole winter blues thing….I REALLY hate winter! Also back in December my Dr. had put me on an anti-depressants because of the problems that Jose and I were having, but I weaned myself off of them after 6 weeks because they made me feel too foggy headed. While I was on them nothing really seemed to matter, not even things that should have. I refuse to live my life being comfortably numb just to avoid conflicts or unpleasant situations….that’s not living.

Well anyway I’m fine and sorry I’ve neglected my posting duties. I’ll try and come up with a kick @ss post to entertain you guys….I think I owe you one.


13 responses to “Where the h3ll have I been???

  1. You should try marijuana. It’s a special kind of stupid!

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you somethin’ aweful!

  2. For grass stains, Spray ‘n Wash does well on washable fabrics. If that doesn’t work, try pre-treating (in this order) with ammonia, vinegar and finally your laundry detergent solution.

  3. frothingatlemouse

    I would be glad to send you my Betty Crocker recipe box. If I could find it.
    Welcome back! I think you’re not alone with the blahness at times. Even when not on any anti-depressant I have those episodes. Like last week.
    Hope you’re feeling more energetic and kickass. We’ve missed you!

  4. Be still my heart! Can it be my long-lost sister actually posted??!!

  5. Woohoo! You’re back!

  6. Welcome back…for grass stains, try not to get any? That might help…

  7. I am shaking like a junkie that just got a fix….

  8. I don’t know if this comment will go through…

    But Welcome Back!

  9. Welcome Back!

  10. Welcome back Mrs G!!!
    I just wear green jeans…
    let me know if you need that scoot ride, k?

  11. Glad to see you back! I was really looking forward to what you’d post for Il’ Kim’s birthday. Think you could make a belated one?

  12. For God’s sake HB, get a hold of yourself!! uhhh…hehe

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