So what was I doing?

I know that Dragon had told you guys I was busy with household chores, but the truth is I did a lot of shopping. You see when I get the blahs the only thing that seems to cheer me up is spending money like I was Donald Trump (poor Jose). I know I should control the impulse, but it is so firmly implanted in my personality I would have to have the impulse surgically removed and who’s got the money for that! It started out slowly and then as the momentum built I felt myself spinning out of control…whoa. At the end of a feverish two months of spending I decided to make a list to see just how bad it was, and to decide whether I should go through rehab. Following is a brief list of things I remembered buying, I’m sure there are a few minor purchases that slipped my mind, but who’s counting.

  • 2 twin beds – hey my boys needed them!
  • new bedding for all the kids – You can’t have new beds without new bedding!
  • 1 new twin mattress.
  • Wall art for the kids rooms – You can’t have new bedding without new wall art!
  • A new bookshelf for the family room.
  • All new throw pillows and a throw for the sofa in family room.
  • Many candles – I’m a candle nut.
  • 2 pottery vases for my bedroom to match the new bedding I bought for my room…oh I forgot to mention that.
  • A new Asian basket for my bedroom.
  • 2 new shower heads with built in massagers – Oh yeah baby!
  • A griddle – hey it was on clearance I couldn’t pass it up.
  • Handheld massager – ones muscles get sore carrying shopping bags.
  • Electric toothbrush.
  • A new ultra modern bathroom scale that tells you how much body fat and water weight you have.
  • A new microwave.
  • 2 rings, one for me and one for Katira. I got caught up in the moment bidding on rings at I try to avoid that site now.
  • New shoes for everyone, and many items of clothing. ALL those sales!!!!

Okay that’s the list now you decide…do I need rehab? Although I must remind you guys how much Dragon spends on Halloween decorations!!!

UPDATE: Janet wanted pics, but I don’t have any of the basket at the moment. I will have to put that on later, but here are pics of my bedding and the rings.

my-ring.jpg This is my ring it is a sky blue topaz with diamond accents.

katiras-ring.jpg This is Katira’s ring it is Amethyst with white topaz.

my-bedding.jpg This is my new bedding…man is it comfy.


17 responses to “So what was I doing?

  1. Cut up your credit cards. It’s cheaper than therapy. But all that shopping was for stuff you can use, not frittered away as if you were spending the money on gambling.

    I want photos of the Asian basket and the rings.

  2. Ohhh that was a nice tactic, let’s remind everyone of how much Dragon spends on Halloween! I would like to also remind everyone how much I saved by making some of my own decorations! heh

    Love the ring!!

  3. What tactic?!? I was just sayin…

    The ring was my valentine’s present to myself, huh is there some kind of weird psychological message there?

  4. Our house needs a few things too. If you’re still on a shopping spree and buying, I’ll send you my list. LOL

  5. Seriously tho…glad to see your back. And Janet’s right, you bought things you NEEDED.

  6. Well most of it was stuff I needed, so I guess there were only a few extravagancies in there. After all I was looking at a new bedroom suit for my room, and a new sofa for the family room and talked myself out of them. Hey does this mean I don’t need rehab?

  7. Sounds like typical saturday shopping for my wife and daughters. 😉

  8. LOL…Hammer, maybe your Mrs and I should go shopping together.

    Jose has stopped asking me how much I’ve spent when I return from a shopping trip…it stresses him out too much.

  9. Very nice rings! I have a list too!! Love the bed room stuff.

  10. I want to go shopping with you!

    And it’s great to see you posting again. 😉

  11. frothingatlemouse

    Dang, I bow to your abilities. Whooeee. Awesome.

  12. An Asian bedroom basket? C’mon, we are tawkin necessities here. 😉

  13. Well, as long as you can affort it and feel good about it afterwards. . .

    Do you feel better now?

  14. The way I see it….Enjoy!!! You only go around once so why not do it in style. 🙂

  15. When we move you must come down and help decorate. you must

  16. I want your ring. I’ll be by some night, say, about 3:00 in the morning to borrow it while you’re sleeping.

  17. Thanks everyone I was beginning to think I had some type of sickness…LOL

    Dragon…I’ll come help you, as long as I get to hang out at the tiki bar. 🙂

    Janet…Is that eastern or central time?

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