Search Terms for the past week

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done search terms, so here they are for your approval or disapproval. hehe 

multiple breasts – Tony I knew you were lurking around out there!
halloween art – No halloween art here,  just Dragon’s picture. hehehe
laughing cartoons 
padded scream room picture – That sounds like my house.
Judy zuke – I’ve actually met these guys years ago. They were Elton John’s opening act.
What is the phrase? Customers are not a – Are not a what??
“padded cell texture” – Crunchy on the outside & creamy in the middle.
padded scream room funny – Hey it’s not funny if you have to live in one!
jihad – Jerky, Inanimate, Hothead, Accustomed to Denial
Three most told lies – Oh come on only 3?

“Lemons & Lollipops” blog 
the garden of eden 
gang party – I’m not even touching this one.
snakes invade house

word describes you MOST of the time – Dragon…not 1 word!
cartoons laughing 
10 things you don’t want to hear on an airplane – I think I’ve covered this before.
skoal watermelon 
g i joe 

peel off my elastic stockings –LOL
Cussing Symbols – What the &#*$ are they talking about…stupid #%$^&$.
fattening “long pig” – Fester this has to be you!!!!
laughing cartoons 
sam walton “what is a customer” –
“johnny castle” athlete 
How to tell someone to leave 
biotch – I got yer biotch right here.
padded cell + master 

how to tell someone their fly is open 
hilarious kid 
what to do when your teenage daughter is – There’s so many words that would fit there.
G I Joe logo 
derek goldbloom 
don’t tell mommy 

padded cell graphic – Yes it can be.
16 ways to tell that you like someone 
freddie last days picture or video – Freddie!!!!!
florence henderson nude – Sick, depraved people.
find waldo scary version 
jose eating socks – That’s what happened to those missing socks.
jose goldbloom – That’s MrsJoseGoldbloom to you!
top 10 things to bring on airplane – Are you allowed to bring 10 things on?
10 ways to tell someone their fly is unzipped – zip it!
handheld padded mirror for babies 

funny sign 
funny get well cards 
multiple breasts 
holy place safe place – boy are you in the wrong place!
please dont tell mommy 
what is hosenpheffer – Hello didn’t you ever watch Bugs Bunny?
handcuffs +”tried them on” 
are totally demolished but amazingly neither – Okay!
biotch – Right back at ya!
cell art

how many times a day do ya take protein 
men are squirrels looking for a nut – I knew it!
funny ways to tell someone how cool they 
movies that characters had Obsessive 
ways to tell someone to back off – Hey I’m good at that.
It’s been a long time since 
gi joe – With kung fu grip.
bee rawlinson 
rachel stevens look alike 
goldbloom’s padded – Hey who told you…Dragon have you been talking?
50 ways fly is open – I thought there was only 1 way to open a fly.


One response to “Search Terms for the past week

  1. Disturbing indeed, I haven’t done search terms in a while either. Actually I’ve been afraid to look.

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