Jeremy’s ear problem

Well once again I was in the Doctor’s office with my youngest son. It was the 3rd trip in as many weeks and I think they’re getting ready to charge me rent. It seems like he has had a perpetual ear infection for the last two years or so. Every time he gets one it takes months to clear up…and that is no exaggeration. With this current bout his eardrum has ruptured twice and he is just starting his forth antibiotic. Today his doc referred him to a specialist and it looks like they’re probably going to put a tube in his right ear. It’s always his right ear that acts up, the left one has never been a problem. Hopefully we get this thing under control before any permanent damage happens. His hearing in that ear has already tested above the normal range, but we’re hoping it is a temporary thing. The doc says it could heal completely with no ill effects, although he does have some scarring on that eardrum. I can’t believe the specialist had no openings until April 11th, I was hoping to get this dealt with ASAP. As a matter of fact the doc said the sooner the better, but I guess we have to wait because he’s never seen this specialist before and new patients can’t get in right away.  

I’ve never had to deal with ear tubes before does any of you have any words of wisdom for me? Is there anything I should know before getting it put in? I’d appreciate any input I can get.


8 responses to “Jeremy’s ear problem

  1. I had mine put in 35 years ago…I don’t recall anything worthy of commenting.

    Have the doc call the specialist for an appointment. Worked for me twice

  2. My daughter has the same problem, been on anitbiotics several times since november.

    Good luck with all that, ear infections are the worst 😦

  3. Dazd…That’s a relief. I think I will give the doc a call, he can probably get the appt. moved up for us. Thanks for the input.

    Hammer….Isn’t it awful when your kids are in pain? I always wish it were me instead. Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. My son had many ear infections and after 6 months of antibiotics, he was refered to the ENT doctor. At this time he was about 7 months old. We had tubes placed in both ears. I don’t remember what happened between the tubes and having his tonsils removed (at the age of 1) but once his tonsils were out he never had another ear ache again.

  5. frothingatlemouse

    Both my guys had recurring strep, not ear infections particularly. However, after some point they do realize that, yeah, something needs to be done, go to the ENT, get shit yanked out.
    I always thought, after the 700th infection of some sort, they should certify moms.
    However, good luck with the ear stuff. An ENT should be able to get stuff resolved.

  6. I lucked out totally and never had to go the tube route with any of my kids. I’ve had one ear infection in my life and I could’t believe how painful that is!

  7. I’m on my 3rd day of my ear problem. All the meds the doctor has put me on and I can’t hear anything out of my ear . I hope it passes soon. I don’t like being deaf. I hope your baby feels better soon. Good luck with the new doctor also.

  8. Our story is very similar to LeeAnn’s. Once the ear tubes were in, and the tonsils and adenoids were out, things got much better.

    I’d also mention that sometimes the tubes fall out and have to be done again. I think you’re supposed to try and keep water from getting into their ears during baths and swimming. Oh, and don’t freak out too much if/when the ears start draining all that infection and your little guy wakes up with orange, red or brownish gunk on his pillow and stuck in his hair and on his face.

    Hope Jeremy feels better soon. Hammer’s right – ear infections are the worst.

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