Calling all Hoosiers

I need some help trying to find a place for this little girl, she’s a pit pup that wandered up to Jose at work today. She’s in pretty bad shape, her eyes are extremely infected, she has cuts and abrasions on her, and she is emaciated. I’ve emailed a couple shelters, but it’s hard to find help for a pit. I’m not crazy about pits myself, but I couldn’t turn my back on any animal in need. If any of my Hoosier pals, 0r anybody for that matter,  has any suggestions I’d appreciate your help. Just look at her pics…the poor baby!




13 responses to “Calling all Hoosiers


    Try a Google search for Indiana Pit Bull Rescue or Hoosier Pit Bull Rescue


    Got this form another animal rescue volunteer. They come highly recommended.

  3. Thanks guys those were both good suggestions. I’ve contacted one of my friends who I used to work with when I rescued with Adoptalab. She also gave me a link to follow. Hopefully We’ll be able to help this little girl. The last I heard Jose’s co-workers had raised 50.00 to help with her vet care, hopefully we can get her in tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted on her progress.

  4. Where is she spending the night??

  5. Jose is bringing her here and he’s taking her to the emengency vet clinic tonight. I guess her eyes are pretty bad off, it’s possible that someone maced her but we’ll see. She’ll sleep here either in our room, or in a large crate we have left from my lab rescue days. I’ve emailed and left messages with several people so now I’m just waiting to hear something.

  6. Good luck!
    If you had a donate button, I’d send you a few dollars…
    My prayers are with you and Baby.

  7. dragonlady474

    OMG…she looks like a female Rusty!

  8. OMG Jose just stopped by the house with her before heading to the vet and she is in horrible condition. The pictures don’t even show a third of how bad off this pup is. She is the sweetest little thing, she climbed on my lap and was licking my face even though some human had done this to her, or let her get this way. I had to fight back tears of sadness. Sadness that anyone could do this to any living creature. She has wounds and abrasions all over her face and head, and her eyes are so bad she can’t even see out of them, you can tell she is using scent and sound to find her way around. She is extremely emaciated, yet was very gentle when I fed her some cheese. I hope the bastard responsible for this puppy’s suffering gets what’s coming to him.

  9. dragonlady474

    How is she acting with Hollywood?

  10. They hit it off…if you know what I mean!

  11. Well Drags I tried to call you but couldn’t get through on your cell or your home phone…What up wit dat! 🙂

  12. I missed this!! I’m glad she’s doing much better. Poor baby, I’m glad you took her in.

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