Puppy update

Well Jose took the pup (which Katira named pumpkin) to the vet and she was diagnosed with a non-contagious form of mainge. She also has a severe eye infection going on in both eyes, and she is very under weight. The vet said she is somewhere between 8 months – 1 year old. He came home with a bunch of medicines and a hungry pup. She can’t eat too well though because her mouth has open wounds that are infected. I’ve been in contact with several rescue organizations and I think we’ve found her a foster home already. I also want to thank my fellow hoosiers who provided me with helpful links. DNR & Dazd, pumpkin sends a thank you as well. I took some better pics of her, boy is she cute! Hollywood and her hit it off, right off the bat….Hmmm Hollywood is such a male!!!! His tail hasn’t stopped wagging since she came through the door. The vet said she just came out of heat, and thank God for that.







14 responses to “Puppy update

  1. Poor little thing. I’m glad you found someone that can give her a good home.
    Thank you for careing …

  2. Glad to hear the pup is getting some TLC.

    And your welcome!

  3. Such a cute little Pumpkin!!

    Glad to help, and Thank you for taking the time to help her. Many people today would not.

  4. Aww. Poor puppy. She was lucky to have wandered up to Jose.

  5. Cute dog, I hope it finds a good home.

  6. Thanks guys, and it seems we have an abundance of people who are wanting her. I’m going to get her healed up and try to make the right choice in her placement.

    My daughter Katira snitched on Jose, he apparently told the vet that we would probably end up keeping her…..Hmmm!

  7. Sounds like you got a new dog!!!

    Pumpkin Goldbloom, has a nice ring to it.

  8. you know…her and rusty would be so cute together. Of course rusty is fixed so they wouldn’t have to worry about the pitter patter of little feet. How about you take hunter and we take pumpkin!

  9. I agree with DNR…I’m thinking it’s already found a home.

  10. YEP!
    She’s going to live with use you can tell bye the way mom and dad stares at here and how they talk to her.^-^

  11. I love stories like this. I’d do the same thing, but I’d end up keepin’ her.


  13. frothingatlemouse

    Bless you.

  14. Well guys we won’t be keeping her, but it WILL be hard to let her go.

    BTW…Welcome back Tony!

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