Don’t ya hate it When…….

  • You leave your food on the counter to answer the door, and the dog eats it?
  • You take a coupon to the photographer for the 9.95 special and you get a high  pressure sales pitch trying to get you to buy the more expensive packages?
  • You’re running late and right before you walk out the door you spill coffee down the front of your shirt?
  • Your son’s principal calls to tell you that your son just called his teacher a butt-hole?
  • You’re taking a shower and the hot water runs out.
  • You’re almost finished with your favorite recipe and you discover you’re missing an important ingredient?
  • Your spouse spends money and forgets to give you the receipts….and you have to redo the budget?
  • Your neighbors dog thinks your leg is it’s new mate?
  • Your teenager thinks they know more than you?
  • You use the bathroom and discover that someone failed to put a new roll on the TP holder.
  • Your child tells the neighbor’s kid “You can’t come over because my mom doesn’t like you”.
  • You use the restroom at work and don’t realize that your dress is stuck in the top of your underwear?

If you can think of any to add to the list please list them in the comment section. Come on you can do it What do YOU hate?


9 responses to “Don’t ya hate it When…….

  1. ARRGGG I hate those toliet elfs. They wait til you are taking a nice pleasant dump to secretly roll your dress/skirt up and when you go to pull up your under wear it’s stuck and you go walking out thinking that you are cool cuz these people keep staring at you then you realize that you are a laughing stock and go home and cry to your mommy hehe.(sorry for the long comment)

  2. dragonlady474

    I hate it when my birds go on a screeching marathon when I’m trying to do my homework.

  3. Oh yeah.

    Most of those have happened to me.

    I hate it when there is a spoon in the sink when I turn on the water and end up getting sprayed.

  4. Hammer I hate to get personal, BUT has the dress in the underwear thing ever happened to you? LOL

  5. I really hated it that time when toilet paper got stuck to my skate at the roller rink.

  6. I hate it when I set the alarm wrong in either direction — that middle of the night oops that gets your heart pumping, or the realization that you have three minutes to get out of the house or you will be hideously late for something crucial!

    And I REALLY hate it when I write some long and complex thing and my computer hiccups and it disappears!!

  7. I hate it when I ask a certain child (my child of course)to do something and she does the total opposite.

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  9. I hate it when I’m settled in my recliner with a book or watching “24” and Spot suddenly has to go outside RIGHT NOW. And then he takes his sweet time coming back in.

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