10 responses to “

  1. Some horny dog got in the rabbit hutch or vice versa 😉

    Happy Easter!

  2. dragonlady474

    Looks like a young Hollywood, with buck-teeth. lol
    Happy Easter!

  3. I thought you were going to get those teeth fixed…

  4. Happy Easter everyone!

    Hey what’s wrong with the teeth? 🙂

  5. That dog is too cute! I hope you had a great Easter.

  6. Arrff! I LIKE it! 🙂 Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  7. Hey Goldbloom…I just posted about when you dragged me to see the male strippers (since you didn’t write about it). I’m so glad I wrote it from my point of view so the true story could be told.

  8. Easter Puppies are good deep-fried…

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