I got nuttin honey!

Well heck I’m at a total loss for words. I tried to come up with something to post, but I keep getting distracted by all the people over there on my side bar…they can be pretty entertaining you know.  You should go check them out if you haven’t already. I’ve posted a few links to get you started: 

  • Tony gives us the skinny on the illegal immigrant situation. Please click here for English.
  • Dragon is having a Zombie T-shirt contest….how well do you know the Dragon.
  • Kees has gone “nuts”!
  • Hoosierboy needs dietary intervention.

Puppy update: The little pitpup we’ve been taking care of is doing a lot better. Her eyes are wide open now and she is eating like a little piggy. She is actually keeping Hollywood on his toes…she may be little but she can run rings around him. She goes to the vet this evening for her follow-up appointment, I think he’ll be amazed.


3 responses to “I got nuttin honey!

  1. thanks for the plug! Mary gets the credit.

    I love the boy meets dog, dog needs boy, boy mends and feeds dog, family shows dog love stories. Now, it’s part two I don’t like. Family ditches puppy when healed! Personally, I would too. I’m not a big pit bull fan. One bit me in the cheek of the ass when I was about 15.

    I wish you’d get back in to the photoshopping rut you were in before. True talent, I tell you.

  2. It is hard to come up with something to write about nowdays. Must be the weather. I hate to clutter my blog with gloom and doom every day and that’s the only thing that seems to pop into my head to write.

  3. How about a puppy update wiht pics…

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