Another Day, Another Appointment

Well today is the day I take my son to the ear, nose, & throat specialist. I’m hoping I don’t hear the words “he’s got an ear infection” again. I sat Jeremy down and told him about the possibility of getting a tube put in his ear and he was real sensible about the whole thing. He said “well, at least I wouldn’t have to take that yucky medicine any more”. Then he told me he used to like being sick because he didn’t have to go to school, but now he doesn’t want to be sick because the medicine tastes like poop. Hey maybe I could use this to help me out….I could say “hey don’t forget to wash your hands or you’ll get sick and have to take that poopy medicine again!”…or “Hey stop picking your nose, remember the medicine?”. LOL.

The way I look at it, kids today have it easy. I remember the crappy medicines I had to take as a child, there were no watermelon, or bubble gum flavored medicines for me. I didn’t have a medicated lollipop to make me feel better. I still gag at the memory of some of those medicines. I also remember that EVERY time I took pepto bismol I would throw-up. When I was a kid the only good tasting medicine was the chicken noodle soup & hot cocoa my mom used to make for me. As a matter of fact to this day I still want the soup & cocoa when I’m sick or feeling under the weather….they are my comfort foods.

Puppy update: Pumpkin went to the vet last night and they were amazed at how well she’s doing. She has put on weight, and you can actually see her honey colored eyes now. She is now well enough to spend her days antagonizing Hollywood….poor doggy! LOL


8 responses to “Another Day, Another Appointment

  1. Hope everything goes ok with the ENT.

    I’m exactly the same way with the Pepto-Bismol. Na-hasty stuff, that.

  2. hey, I don’t have classes today, call me and let me know how he is!

  3. Ugh, the one good thing about having all the kids grown is not worrying about ear infections. Hope you get good news today.

  4. Having sick kids is a strain and the kids medicine is still nasty as hell no matter what the flavor.

    My 6 year old daughter begged me to get her pills the last time we were at the doctor for an ear infection.

  5. Good luck with the appointment today….I know it’s been a long, hard road for you regarding this, and I hope you finally get some answers/results.

  6. I can’t stand the flavor or smell of oranges, thanks to all of the baby asprin I had to take as a child. Hope all goes well at the ENT’s.

  7. So what ya gonna name the puppy?

    BTW…I go back April 30th to see if I need an ENT or not. ugh

  8. Please keep us updated and I hope all goes well with him getting to feeling better again.

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