The Imus Debacle

OK I was all prepared to write a big scathing story about the whole Imus debacle today, but that’s all everyone is writing about. I’m not a fan of Imus, but I think it’s a shame that he lost his job over the cries of some big cry babies. There are already several good posts out there that cover everything I would have said:

Michelle Malkin sheds a light on the injustice done to Imus.

Basil sounds off as well.

Hoosierboy talks about the hypocrisy of certain people.

There are many others, but these three say it all quite well.

Now I want to say something to the two biggest, racist pigs in this whole matter. I know chances are they will never see it, but maybe a friend of a friend of a friend of theirs will see it and word will get back to them. Yes I’m talking about Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson.  Heh they’ll probably try to have me banned from wordpress the big cry babies. Anyway boys here’s my message for you:

You Are a couple of Nappy headed Hos!

 Update: Dazed has some video links to interviews at his site.


11 responses to “The Imus Debacle

  1. I agree 100%

    They are friggin hos of the wost kind.

  2. And their mama’s dress them funny too!

  3. I have a video link at my site of the interview.

  4. AMEN SISTER!!!! 🙂

  5. Crazy thing is: Imus is about the most left of the righties. Crazy.

  6. If you don’t mind me adding
    my two cents
    about Imus …

  7. I welcome everyone’s two cents, as long as I can keep the change. 🙂

  8. I guess, just like Larry the Cable Guy says; Santa is going to have to start saying, “Lady of the Evening, Lady of the Evening, Lady of the Evening!”

  9. LOL…I love Jim Carey, especially “Liar Liar”.

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