Jeremy’s ear update

Well it seems that Jeremy’s ear infection had cleared up, but there was still a lot of fluid behind the ear and with his history the ENT doc decided he needs ear tubes. So on Wednesday morning we’ll take him in for the outpatient surgery to have the tubes inserted. I’m not too worried about the surgery as it is a very simple one, however I always get a little nervous when anesthesia is involved. If  you all would say a small prayer for him that morning I’d greatly appreciate it.

BTW Jeremy came up with his own solution to the problem. After he found out that he had to go in for surgery Jeremy said “Mom why don’t the Dr. just cut my right ear off, I can’t hear out of it anyway”. LOL…That kid cracks me up!


14 responses to “Jeremy’s ear update

  1. (A prayer for Jeremia)
    Almighty God. Hear my prayer.
    Jeremias ears are the ears of you and he hear with the permission of your spirit.
    Without resistance and ready to obey, let him again be surrounded with the sound of laughter and joy.
    Let it be so . . . Amon

  2. Praying for J… he’s gonna feel so much better once those tubes are in and he gets used to them.

  3. Prayers from Florida too! Poor little fella. Is this a procedure that can reverse the problem, or is this a lifetime deal?

  4. I had tubes in my ears when I was little. Nothing to it.

    Prayers coming up!

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  6. Sending one up for Jeremy.

    (I felt the same way when Sunshine got hers put in. She was 2. I was SO relieved when it was over.)

  7. Do not let him subscribe a cure for my jock itch…Anyway you are in my prayers.

  8. I’ll have good thoughts for him tomorrow!

    and that’s exactly what I remember saying to my mom after I lost my hearing, only I suggested they cut both ears off!

  9. I will leave another prayer that all goes well for him.
    My oldest daughter had to have tubes put in when she was six months old. I think the poor child was born with an ear infection. BTW she will be 24 tomorrow and still gets ear infections every time she has a cold.
    I hope that it will be better for your son.

  10. Thanks for the prayers you guys…they mean a lot.

    Tony: The doc says as he grows that so will his ear canal and eventually the tubes should fall out on their own.

    HB: I think tubes would cure your problem too. LOL

    Janet: When he said it to me it was sad, but cute at the same time. How did your mom react when you made that statement?

    Morrigan: The doc said that hopefully as his ear canal grows the problem should go away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Good luck tomorrow—I’ll be thinking of Jeremy and saying lots of prayers. 🙂

  12. Thanks Michelle. I thought he would be feeling all worried today, but he doesn’t act concerned at all. Of course that could be because I’ve been busy pointing out all the positives.

  13. Good thought will be coming your way tomorrow and for you tonight. Mommies have it the worst and your son will be just fine. I went thru this with my son, before he was one, and it was a big help.

  14. BIIIIAAAAA!!!!!O yea Random comment who’s cool. Yup.
    You should put the vid of me and you dancen in the car to Rainin Men with my mad camera skills
    (I kid)

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