I just wanted to let everyone know that Jeremy breezed through the procedure and is doing just fine. Right now he’s laying on the sofa (sucking his finger) watching the DVD Barnyard. The doctor said that there was a bunch of thick fluid behind his ear that probably wouldn’t have came out on its own, and that it had probably been there for quite a while. Everything is pointing towards a quick recovery and hopefully the end of the ear infections. Thanks to all of you guys for your prayers and well wishes…You guys are the best. Now I must go take a nap, I’m running on three hours sleep here and I tend to be overly emotional.  :::sniff sniff:::


10 responses to “JEREMY’S DOING WELL

  1. I’m glad everything went well.

    No more infections yay 🙂

  2. Great news!

    You’ll feel better after your nap.

  3. YAY! Glad he’s doing well. Uncle Dazd needs to teach him about sympathy and ice cream tho, and how to prolong it. heh

    Nap? Drug induced? lol

  4. Glad to hear that you are both recovering.

  5. Yeah for the both of you. Give him a big ole hug from Auntie B

  6. Good to hear he’s better.
    Take you well earned and needed nap.

  7. Stinkin’ Ear Infarctions! Buh-Bye!

    Glad to hear it. Get it? Hear it? Bwahahahhaaaaha

  8. those things can be tough on a kid. Son1 had them regularly and got the tubes done twice. He hears just fine now, when he wants to…

  9. That’s great news!

  10. Thanks everyone, btw I never did get my nap…grrr!

    Dazd: I think he already has the whole sympathy thing down pat.

    Circa: I’m hoping that we only need this one time with the tubes. Jeremy told me this morning that he could hear lots better now…Yipee!

    Tony: LOL

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