Jeremy heads back to school

This pic was taken this morning at the bus stop. I would have been happier if he had stayed home an extra day, but he wouldn’t hear of it (no pun intended). He has a field trip today so I made him wear a hat to protect his ears, he wasn’t real thrilled about it though. Isn’t he adorable?



10 responses to “Jeremy heads back to school

  1. He looks so serious…good thing you let him go today.

  2. Very! Do I see a hint of “Aww come ON Mom…” there?

  3. Definitely a cutie!!

  4. Look at those eyes. He will make the girls swoon.

  5. Field trips are a very good reason to go to school and he can always be “sick” tomorrow!

  6. He is a cutie! I mean, for a little boy, in a manly kinda way…whatever.

    I faked being sick one time in elementary school. What I had forgotten was that we had a field trip that day. The next day at school everyone told me about how much fun they had. I never faked sick again.

  7. Aww, what a cutie!
    I’m glad to hear that all is well with him.

  8. He is definitely a cutie!!

  9. I recognize the hesitant “Cheese!” – kids just don’t realize how CUTE they are to us and that we must photograph them incessantly!

  10. aww. Give that little nose a kiss for me!

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