Friday’s Random Ramblings

  • No matter how much money you spend on a kid it’s never enough…they’re one giant money pit. I’m hoping that someday a money tree will emerge from that pit!
  • I’m sick of the NEWS, all it does is make me angry and cause my blood pressure to rise. I think I’m going to block all the news channels. My health depends on it.
  • People who always blame others for their mistakes, or short comings really bug the h3ll out of me.
  • I want bacon! I feel like one of those dogs on the beggin strips commercials.
  • It really disturbs me when people think that just because someone is a housewife/stay-at-home mom, that they’re lazy & don’t want to work. My wager is those people have never tried it and if they did they’d be crying like babies at the end of a month. I’ve worked full-time jobs in the past and they were a breeze compared to what I do now.
  • I get so ticked off at people who let their dogs run wild on a regular basis. Our neighbor has one of those little Eskimo dogs and it is mean as h3ll, yet they are constantly letting it run loose. I call it “white devil”.
  • Why is it that people can’t clean out their pockets before throwing their clothes in the hamper?
  • Housebreaking a puppy can be an extremely stressful & smelly job! Pun intended.

6 responses to “Friday’s Random Ramblings

  1. I work just so I don’t have to be a housewife, it was exhausting, thankless and mind numbing. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and the others who take on this crazy job. I’d continue, but I have to go tie up my dog now…

  2. So let me be the first to ask…How are you today?


  3. Yep yep and yep.

    The kennel method works great for puppies.

    They stay in the cage with a bowl of water for a few hours then put outside to pee. Then right back in the cage.

    Most dogs won’t wet their bedding so they quicky realize that outside gives them the relief they need and then they can have run of the house.

  4. Thanks Kat, and LOL at the “tie up my dog” comment.

    Why Dazd I’m doing just fine, how about yourself. 🙂

    Hammer: That’s exactly what I’m doing, but my kids will let her out when I’m busy and guess what…puppy puddles.

  5. I know what you mean about the pockets. I check them all the time but somehow I always end up finding Tallman’s paper towels in the dryer. “WHY do you have to keep paper towels in your pockets, and how do you hide them so well?” I say…

    And, about the stay-at-home mom thing! Folks have NO CLUE until they’ve tried it.

  6. don’t you just hate opening the washer lid and finding that somehow a tissue hid in a pocket and self-destructed all over everything?

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