Search Terms for the past week

I’ve decided to start doing my search terms differently. I’m going to weed out the boring or mundane ones and just post the ones that I can make fun of are fun or interesting. This week I’m linking to the person whom the search term reminds me of. Some are just for fun so “don’t be hatin”. LOL

*cell phone shoved up butt – I’ve felt like doing this to a few people.
*This time the song will write the words  – Quick get the hypo!
*Multiple Breasts 
*what your favorite childhood memory – Of course I have several and they all involve dragon.
*thaiphoon shrimp recipes
*male strippers how far do they go  – Sound like a question for “Ask HB”
*”Mrs. Indiana America ” 
*“nasty animal videos”  –It reminds me of a dog toy post that GuyK recently posted. LOL
*cell word that starts with tube – Tuber, tubeworm, tubectomy, tuberosity…ok that’s all I got!
*abhorrant – such is life.
*ways to tell someone they are special 
*male strippers 
*d gallery 
*embarrassing moment fly open zipper down –Jt has posted some great embarrassing moment stories in the past.
*image padded cell room 
*padded cell of midnight 
*things you don’t know about octopuses – Come on Kees educate us.
*Imus debacle 
*Where did makeup come from? 
*padded cell life 
*acronym for the name jose 
*support israel – Need I say more?
*label:”A Reading Pleasure” 
*dnr photo-shop
*hammer acronyms 
*top ten Scandinavian men – Kirsten has been everywhere, I’m sure she’d know this one.
*Steve goldbloom – The relative I never knew
*Freddy Kruger printable pictures – Made with recycled, shredded paper.


4 responses to “Search Terms for the past week

  1. Cell phone in butt…I get confused as to what orifice they talk out of too 🙂

  2. Kees that was a very eye opening post about Octopi…I never knew they made such nice jewelry. LOL

  3. Hammer: On some people it’s harder to distinguish the difference…LOL

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