Okay Drags Here’s My Birthday List!

  • A watch: I like the design of this one, but finding one that is safe with my allergies could be a challenge.


    • A Hobo Purse (brown): Kinda like this one, and no smart@ss remarks about the hobo part.


  • World domination: Hehehe!


 Though it is debatable if a planet as complex and diverse as Earth could ever be successfully “dominated” by a single central authority, the concept of world domination has long been a popular theme in both history and fiction. The quest for global domination is colloquially referred to as taking over the world and there are single individuals in both history (e.g. Alexander the Great) and fiction (e.g. Khan Noonien Singh, the villain from Star Trek: The Original Series episode number 22: “Space Seed”) who have attempted to take over the world. Hey I’ve only been asking for this for the last 10 years!

  • A rubber chicken: Because I need a mascot.


  •  But most of all I want this t-shirt!


 Okay Drags that should give you enough to choose from, but if you can’t find any of the items listed there’s always chocolate!



12 responses to “Okay Drags Here’s My Birthday List!

  1. A rubber chicken! I knew my life was lacking something. I’ll put that on my list!

    I always wanted someone to give me a whoopie cushion, but nobody ever did. Isn’t it tiring to keep having to drop hints about what you want?

  2. Is that guy choking the chicken?

    Happy Birthday!

  3. I did dazd…she moved to Alabama. Hehehe

    Hammer: I believe he is…and now I’ll probably get searches for that thank you very much. LOL

    Janet: A rubber chicken is a necessity!

  4. I have a rubber chicken hanging from my rearview mirror. I kid you not. It goes nicely with my Psi Chi sticker. lol

  5. Did you fix the blow out? 🙂

  6. That purse looks like g-mas purse.
    I like the watch too and guess what I can find one easily^^

  7. “Because I need a mascot”…quit cracking me up so bad that my Depends are leaking!

    Seriously, Happy Early Birthday, Goldbloom!!! You deserve it!

  8. Thanks Michelle, oh and sorry about the depends. 🙂

  9. That’s ok….just let me know if you get that rubber chicken…LOL.

  10. Michelle: I’ll post a pic of it.

  11. Good enough! Every girl needs a mascot…LOL.

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