Humpday Hullabaloo

Hello blog world…how y’all doing on this fine hump-day? I’m actually feeling much better today after emerging from my NyQuil coma. It’s a good thing too, because as I look around my house it appears that some sort of battle has taken place. Is that a pair of underwear hanging from the ceiling fan? Hmmmm….maybe I should call for backup.

I just noticed that the birthday present I ordered for dragon was delivered yesterday, her birthday is April 28th. I wonder if she cheated and opened it early? She can’t help herself really, she has some sort of sickness when it comes to gifts. You should see her at Christmas time with her fingers curling and uncurling just waiting for the next gift to rip into.

My Birthday is April 29th and I’m 1 year older than drags. You’ll notice that means Drags was born the day before my 1st b-day, yes my first birthday party was a total washout.  I tell you she has spent her whole life trying to upstage me and she started from the womb! I feel sorry for Mr Drags, I wonder if she tries to upstage him.

Katira is trying out for her schools talent show, she’ll be playing the piano. I don’t remember what song she’s going to play, I think I was still in my NyQuil coma when she told me.

Jeremy has fully recovered from the ear thing and last night he even let one of the neighborhood thug/bullies have it. The kid grabbed Jeremy by the front of his shirt and Jeremy boinked him on the head with his light saber. I believe the kid thought that Jeremy would get into trouble, because I was out there when it happened. However all I did was saunter over and tell him and his thug pals to keep their hands off my kids. One of the things I love about Jeremy is that he doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

JoseII is all excited because he has just bought a gameboy advance through an eBay auction. He decided to buy a used one through eBay, partly because it was cheaper and also so he could get one quicker. He had gotten a new one for Christmas, but broke it in less than 3 months. He was pretty upset when Jose and I told him that he would have to buy the next one himself since he had broke it out of anger. I think it was a good lesson for him though, if he has to spend his own money on it maybe he’ll appreciate it more.

Selina has gone again! I don’t know if I even said anything about my oldest daughter moving back in a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t matter because she has left once again. Still no job, still no plans for her future, still no car, still no driver’s license…I’m tired of worrying about her future. Hopefully some day she’ll wake up.

PitPup update: We still have the little booger and she is doing great, but OMG is she hyper…I think she has ADHD.

Okay I think I’m out of things to say for now, and unfortunately I have to get started on the cleanup around here…wish me luck!


12 responses to “Humpday Hullabaloo

  1. My boys b-days are a day apart too, with the youngest being first. Is that confusing enough? Youngest – Sep 30, oldest boy Oct 1 (five years less one day apart). The daughter’s b-day is Sept 14, so three birthdays in two weeks.

  2. One day apart, that is pretty wild.

    Good to hear that your tyke is ok and sorry to hear about your daughter.

    Hyper puppy, it happens when they feel better all the sudden, it happened to a stray I nursed back to health.

  3. I am soooo glad the 4 kids of mine Bdays are enough apart … I couldn’t handle it otherwise. Be sure to take breaks whilst cleaning up. You wouldn’t want everyone to think you could do all that in one day!

  4. Yeah . . . But you came first though, so you are One hair better, huh??
    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. You just KNOW she opened it…LOL. That’s ok, I have no self-control either when it comes to presents.

    Any special bday plans? Other than ODing on NyQuil? (I hope it doesn’t come to that)

  6. HB: you poor thing! Two of my kids b-days are within a week of each other, I can’t imagine having to deal with three b-days.

    Hammer: Yes with 4 kids it seems like there is always at least one having problems. It’s a good thing the pup is so adorable!

    Ralph: I took many, I kept running out of energy.

    Kirsten: Thank you!

    Michelle: Yes she did Michelle, I got ahold of her too late. The package wasn’t supposed to be delivered until Thursday, so I was going to call her today and tell her not to open it until the 28th. Oh well at least she liked her Iron Maided T-shirt, and at least I have one more surprise in store for Friday. Shhhh don’t tell her. I’m not sure about my b-day plans yet, it’s hard telling what Jose has in store.

  7. Pfff. I am playing the song Canon(I guess ya know my name now golly gosh mother)

  8. I think everybody should celebrate your bday and Dragon’s by having a shot for each….but no tekillya straight up….BLECH!

    I sent her a box too…it should get there today. There is a card in there for you, so make sure she sends it on to you…wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!!

  9. Make mine a shot of NyQuil. 🙂

    Awwww a card….for me….thanks Michelle. Hopefully this sickness has lifted and I can enjoy my bday. I’m still feeling dizzy and disoriented due to all the head congestion.

  10. So sorry to hear that….have another shot of NyQuil…LOL. I truly hope you feel better and soon! You don’t want to be sick for your birthday…nobody ordered THAT!

  11. who’s getting the bigger cake?

  12. Janet I’m not sure about the cake thing, all I care about is the seafood. Jose is taking me to “Joe’s crab shack” for my birthday. Yipee, I’ve never been there and I keep seeing their (delicious) commercials. Jose doesn’t like seafood at all so I very seldom get to eat at a seafood restaurant.

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