Ten Things I’ve Learned About Life

  • Avoid Toxic people:Good advice! Sometimes it’s not that easy especially when that toxic person is a family member. When the person is a family member all you can do is limit your contact with them and just don’t let them get to you. Sometimes it’s not so easy to realize or admit that a person is toxic to you…listen to your inner voice! If you notice that you’re always in a negative mood after being around a certain person, you need to cut or limit your contact with that person.
  • Less is not necessarily more: I wonder who first coined the phrase “less is more”, because it is a bunch of hooey. Now that’s not to say people shouldn’t be happy with what they have, but they should always strive for more or to be better. Never stop growing or building on what you already have, and that applies to all areas of your life.
  • Always tell the truth: It’s true what they say “the truth shall set you free”. When you lie all you’re doing is adding stress to your life and who needs that. Yes the truth may be painful or hard to deal with, but haven’t you ever noticed how relieved you feel after getting it out.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others: If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others all you’re going to get is disappointment. We are all different and that difference is what makes you…You. Besides that person you’re comparing yourself to isn’t as perfect as you may think.
  • Life is too short: I think everyone who’s ever lost a loved one realizes this all to well. Live your life to the fullest and don’t put things off. If you have a dream go for it! If you don’t spend as much time with a friend or relative as you would like, make time. Live….Live…Live, because if you don’t you will regret it some day.
  • YOU ARE your biggest fan: Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to care about you more than you. You are in charge of your destiny so you need to cheer yourself on and be your biggest fan. If you don’t love yourself you’ll never be truly happy or capable of truly loving anyone else.
  • People are a product of their environment: We are all born with certain things hard-wired into our genes, but our environment plays a major role in who we are. Be careful what you surround you and your family with.
  • Kids are our future: This one is a biggie. Those young children will grow up to be in charge some day. They’ll control the government, they’ll help make laws, basically they’ll control how you live your life some day. That’s why it is so important that we love our children, and help to nurture, educate and develop them into caring responsible adults.
  • Life isn’t always easy: Real life isn’t like in the fairy tales, there are road bumps, and detours all along the pathway. Learning to make your way around these road blocks is a necessity if you want to get anywhere in life. Those who don’t just stagnate and spend their life at a stand still waiting for someone to fix the road.
  • Be careful what you wish for: Sometimes those things we wish for and think we can’t live without end up being a destructive force in our lives. Before you waste a lot of time wishing for something you might want to consider all of the effects and changes that “said wish” could cause.

7 responses to “Ten Things I’ve Learned About Life

  1. great things to live by. I’ve found all of these to be true.

  2. A list we should all save and read once a month.

  3. All good advice, but I especially like the first one, about toxic people probably b/c I’ve been dealing with a few of them lately. I’ll have to print this list out and refer back to it. Thanks!

  4. Goood . . . I follow hoosierboy’s advice. I print it out and put it on the wall beside my dresser

  5. Sure, she sounds intelligent now. But wait until you see her in the morning before her first pot of coffee. hehehehe
    Just teasing, good list. Now that puts me in the mood to do a list.

  6. Dragon…be glad I left you off the list. LOL

  7. That list is something I wish I had when I was in my early 20s. I don’t know, maybe some things you have to learn on your own rather than having them told to you.

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