The Older Sibling

The birthday card I received from Dragon has inspired me to write this post. The card she sent me went like this:




I tell ya being the oldest sibling is hard. We get no respect, but all of the blame for everything the younger siblings may do. All 0f you older siblings out there know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve always been told that we have to watch what we do, because we’re setting the example for the younger ones. We were expected to behave more maturely, and if we didn’t, we got the big lecture or worse…punishment! We were always expected to watch over the younger ones while we were out-and-about. Yes we were held to a higher standard.

Growing up with Drags things really got hairy once she became privy to the game being played, and she caught on way earlier than I would have liked! She learned that if she told Mom  I had hit her, I would get punished. It didn’t matter that drags had hit me first, or sometimes that I hadn’t even touched her…Mom always believed her! Drags would also say to me “If you don’t (insert whatever it was she was wanting me to do) I’ll tell mom you hit me”…and as I said before, Mom would always believe her. She was such a little brat, yet I still protected her like a mother lion protecting her cub…why is that?

Yep the younger ones seem to get real good at manipulating the system! That’s okay though I did manage to get my revenge on many occasions.


10 responses to “The Older Sibling

  1. Hmm… You know I love ya both, but it couldn’t have been easy being Drags’ older sister. 😉

  2. I hear you about being the oldest (so am I and it has never been fun). On the other hand, that card was pretty funny.

  3. Freddie: Growing up with dragon was rough at times, but it was quite an adventure! 🙂

    Michelle: Okay I admit it, the card did make me laugh…and then I called dragon a name. LOL

  4. I see the same thing in my daughters. They are nearly a year apart and always blaming each other. Usually I tell them to get over it and quit trying to get the other punished.

  5. dragonlady474

    You know Goldbloom, I don’t quite remember it that way….maybe it was in retaliation for the daily beatings you gave me. It made up for the times you didn’t get caught. heh
    FOR EXAMPLE, the time you shat your pants and then threw them down the basements steps and THEN blamed it on me when they found them, and I got a spanking.
    Paybacks are a mother. 🙂

  6. Hammer: That’s probably the best way to handle the whole thing, or always believe the oldest! 🙂

    Drags: I don’t quite remember it that way!

  7. I was the older sibling too. On top of being the one that could say ‘stop hitting me’ and get me yelled at. Buttmunch was the ADHD poster boy before anyone knew what ADHD was. Major emphasis on the Hyper activity part.

  8. DNR: That must have been rough. Drags wasn’t ADHD, she was just annoying! J/K drags…okay maybe only a little.

  9. frothingatlemouse

    Happy belated birthday Mrs. JGB! I’m the baby of the family, so I have NO idea of what you speak. I was perfect and still am.

  10. Heh yea I use to get Selina in trouble ALL the time saying she hit me but about the age of 12 she started really hitting me so I learned to stop

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