Caption This….Hehehe

I just got a brilliant idea. I was thinking it would be such a waste to not use this lovely pic for something, then it came to me…A “Caption This” contest. So come on now let me here some of that wittiness that I know you all possess. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday.


Man this picture never gets old…LOL!


15 responses to “Caption This….Hehehe

  1. That is talent! You, my friend, are the photoshopping guru. We’re not worthy!

  2. “I will get you my lovely.”

  3. frothingatlemouse

    Be all that you can be.

  4. dragonlady474

    Okay fine, I’ll play along…
    “if you see this on a toilet seat, don’t sit down!”

  5. frothingatlemouse

    I’m sorry. I just keep laughing every time I look at this. It’s totally egregious.

  6. To get out of class, place on lap and scream.

  7. dragonlady474

    hehehe DNR

  8. For you 60’s Sci-Fi afficionados,

    “Help me, hellllllp me…”

    Hint: Vincent Price, a park bench, and a spiderweb.

  9. dragonlady474

    It’s not a fly, it’s a crab! lol

  10. “Well, that’s the last time I’LL ever order seafood!”

  11. OR “Never trust a grinning crab….especially one named ‘Dragon’.”

  12. “Under the sea… Under the sea…
    When the sardine
    Begin the beguine
    It’s music to me
    What do they got? A lot of sand
    We got a hot crustacean band
    Each little clam here
    know how to jam here
    Under the sea
    Each little slug here
    Cuttin’ a rug here
    Under the sea
    Each little snail here
    Know how to wail here
    That’s why it’s hotter
    Under the water
    Ya we in luck here
    Down in the muck here
    Under the sea

  13. Good girl, Dragon, you got it! To this day I’m still looking for the white-headed fly…

    Does this mean there is someone walking around with a crab’s head?

  14. dragonlady474

    goldbloom?? lol

  15. Here’s an entry:

    “Does this exoskeleton make my butt look big?”

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