Back from Nashville

Okay everyone I made it back from Nashville, and what a fine time we had. There was shopping, dining, swimming, & I musn’t forget the hot tubbing! It was great seeing the Dragon family & I’m looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks. I wish the drive didn’t suck so bad or I’d definitely be visiting a lot more often. Jose II (my 11 year old) went home with Mr. & Mrs Drags and informed me (by phone) this morning that he thinks he is being spoiled. LOL

My back is still bothering me and as a matter of fact it has gotten worse so I’m off to see the doctor first thing in the morning. I’m having such severe spasms that I’ve actually screamed from the pain. The only pain that I can compare these cramps to would be the back pain I had during childbirth…it actually feels like my spine is going to break in half. Anyway I’m hoping the doctor will give me one of those really strong shots in the back to end my misery.

Something funny I noticed on the drive back was one of those road side signs that tell you what will be at the next exit ie: Wendy’s, Denny’s, etc…. The sign I noticed in Kentucky actually read “KY adventure park”. I tried to snap a pic of it, but Jose zoomed by it at 150 mph. Okay maybe he wasn’t driving that fast, but it sure felt like it.

Oh I almost forgot to name the winners of my “caption this contest”, so I’ll do it right now. I loved all the entries, but had to choose…so here goes: 

Third place: “if you see this on a toilet seat, don’t sit down!”  submitted by dragonlady

Second place: “I will get you my lovely.”  submitted by Dazd

First place: “Does this exoskeleton make my butt look big?” submitted by sparrow.

Thanks for playing everyone!


5 responses to “Back from Nashville

  1. I would have definitely taken a picture of that sign.

    Try rolling up a large towel and placing it in the small of your back when sitting, driving or laying down, it sometimes helps relieve the pressure

  2. dragonlady474

    My favorite sign on the road is for the Boobie Bungalow, somewhere in Tennessee. One of these days I’m going to get a picture of it.

  3. Hammer: Maybe I’ll be able to get one when we go back to pick up Jose II. I’ve been rolling up a really soft pillow and putting it behind me when I sit, and it does help some.

    Drags: Maybe I can get a pic of that sign too when we come back.

  4. I win, I win! You like me, you really LIKE me!!

    I’d like to thank *sniff* the Academy, my manager, my agent, my lawyer, my dogs, my accountants, my high school teachers, Paris Hilton, Craft Services and of course, Mrs. J.G.

  5. Woot! Second Place!

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