Caption This:

I want one of these dogs!



9 responses to “Caption This:

  1. Someone let me out please…I gotta take a crap!

  2. dragonlady474

    Look at the head on that thing!

  3. And just think about how much this dog would eat!

  4. Drags…I know his head is like 3x bigger than the womans.

    Morrigan…Yes, if I had one of these I’d have to make sure I kept it fed or one of the kids might go missing!

  5. Hmmm….

    I’d have to borrow another grill.

  6. Car alarm? I don’t need not stinking car alarm!

  7. “no” it should read ‘no stinking car alarm’


  8. Dog — it’s what’s for dinner.

  9. (not a caption, just a comment) Can you imagine the poop this thing produces?

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