Goldbloom’s (OCD) Vacation Checklist

    1. Things to Do in Advance

  • Get information about where you are going: Maps  
  • Learn about places to see and things to do 
  • Talk to others who have been there for good places and good tips
  •  Get tickets and reservations
  •  Arrange for your shots (make mine rum) if your destination warrants it
  •  Arrange for pet care or boarding
  • Arrange to have the lawn cut
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on things and to pick up any drop off, leaflets, etc.  left at your door.
  • Be sure that you will have enough prescription medicine. Order if required
  • Buy extras you might need 

          Sun Screen
  Insect Repellant
  Anti-nausea pills
  Entertainment for kids, yourself during travel time
  Camera batteries
  Camera film

2. Things to Do When You Are Almost Ready to Leave

  • Stop the mail

  • Stop the newspaper

  • Update voicemail at work with absence notification

  • Update e-mail at work with auto reply absence notification

  • Get money and/or traveler’s checks

  • Pay upcoming bills

  • Remove non-essentials from wallet or purse…WHAT Non-essentials?

  • Know where your prescription medications are 

  • Record emergency phone numbers to leave with neighbors, relative, or pet boarding facilities


3. Don’t Forget to Bring:

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Prescription medicine
  • Beauty cream…if you need that sort of thing…not that I do, but I’m just saying…
  • Contact lenses, lens case, and extra solutions
  • Extra eyeglasses or lens prescription
  • Umbrella or raingear
  • Camera
  • Bag for dirty clothes

4. As You’re Leaving:

  • Close and lock all windows

  • Unplug small kitchen appliances (toaster, can opener, coffee maker)

  • Turn off water to external faucets

  • Turn off water to washing machine (especially if your hoses are old!)

  • Did you want your A/C or heat On or Off?

  • Make sure all toilets are flushed…trust me on this one.

  • Grab your prescription medicine!

  • Lock the door behind you!!!

  • Keys….Whoops


7 responses to “Goldbloom’s (OCD) Vacation Checklist

  1. dragonlady474

    Hey Wench, don’t forget your medication! lol

  2. Excellent list, for someone else. I’m all about shoving whatever will fit in an overnight bag and taking off. If the mail and newspapers pile up…too bad.

  3. Yes…I’ll agree thats an OCD list. lol

  4. You forgot your medicine, didn’t you!

  5. Please tell me you remembered the maps?

    And to take the pets to boarding?

  6. Well I haven’t forgotten anything yet because we aren’t leaving till Friday morning…LOL

  7. dragonlady474

    I made my own checklist. hehehe

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