Preparing for Dragon

Well it’s only 4 days before I leave for dragon’s house.  I’m soooo excited! Little Jose is already there and having a blast, word has it that Mr & Mrs Dragon are spoiling him. He’s been to a zoo, bike riding, swimming, & playing “Zombies ate my neighbors” with Mr. Dragon. It’s been very quiet around here without him, but I sure have missed him. The other day Hollywood (my golden retriever) was staring at a picture I have of JoseII and then started sniffing it and pushing it with his nose. I think Hollywood misses him too, because JoseII brushes him, and plays with him alot.

Over the weekend Jose and I had the oil changed in the uplander, and we had all the fluids checked, tire pressure, etc, etc….. We want it ready for the long trip. We also invested in some new lugage, since our old set was hand crafted in the year 200BC. I’ll be sure and take some pics on our visit so I can post them for you guys. Maybe I’ll get one of me knocking dragon into the pool.

I promised Drags that I’d post some pics of my front yard, but this one is all I have right now. This pic sucks but this is what happens when you ask your love struck teenager to do something for you. Plus our monitor is going out, the green gun is messing up…whatever that is! I’ll try to get some better pics later after we get our monitor replaced, and I’ll take the pics myself.


Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful Monday. I’ll try to post a few more times before I leave on Friday. 


3 responses to “Preparing for Dragon

  1. Nice yard! Hope you have fun at drags 🙂

  2. I like your flower beds. Have a great trip to Drags house.

  3. 🙂 Excellent job on the yard! I want to see more pics!!
    Oh yeah, and get your landscaping cap on for when you come down Friday.

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