Yipee I’m a schmoozer!


Dazed over at Dazed and confuzed from here has presented me with The “Schmooze award”. :::sniff sniff::: Finally I get the recognition I’ve worked sooooo hard for. I now will display my schmooze award with honor, and pride. I want to thank all of you good bloggers who frequent my humble little padded cell. Without you guys this award would be a pipe-dream.

And what is the Power of Schmooze you might ask? Well it’s only the biggest blogging community involvement award for those bloggers who brown-nose make the effort to connect and copy and paste like a mofo develop relationships in the blogosphere.

Dazd ‘s quote about ME!:  “MrsJoseGoldbloom- Always leaves a comment that either makes you laugh or makes you think.”

“Why thank you Dazd, but your site is so intriguing and fun that the comments come easily.”

Now that all the back patting and brown nosing are done with I’d like to bestow this award on a few of my regular reads.

Hammer’s site is one of the most entertaining sites around…don’t believe me? Then why don’t you check it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his great posts as much as I do.

KeesKennis is a real character and has the greatest pics ever on his site. Kees you never fail to crack me up.


10 responses to “Yipee I’m a schmoozer!

  1. Your welcome MrsJ…and you need more sunscreen on your nose. Dragon’s gonna tease you of brown nosing…

  2. dragonlady474

    Ohhh…I thought it said the “smoochin'” award, as in smoochin’ butt. 🙂

  3. Drags I got a butt YOU can smooch!

  4. dragonlady474

    Which end?

  5. Mrs. J.G., I’m finally up and running!

  6. Yipee you’re back Sparrow! I’ll link you right away.

  7. Congrats!

    Thanks for the mention. Very kind of you.

  8. Nice…

    I won an award once, but it got lost in the mail.

  9. I’m a great smoocher.
    Thanks Missus.

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