Getting prepared for Dragon…

…Okay not that anyone can ever REALLY prepare for her, but hey I’ll give it my best shot.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving for Alabama and will be gone 9 days. This will be my last post from here, because I still have tons to do before we take off. I’ll try and get on-line while I’m there and maybe do an update or two, plus I’ve got several “blasts from the past” ready to post while I’m gone. Don’t you just love the “time-stamp” feature? Who knows maybe I’ll even post some pictures of our great adventure. Anyway I hope you all have a nice weekend and I’ll see you soon.

BTW the winner of my last caption this photo was:

 Mrs. Who “Car alarm? I don’t need no stinking car alarm!” Thanks to everyone who played along.


6 responses to “Getting prepared for Dragon…

  1. Thank you so much…although I wonder…you’re coming to Alabama….I live in Alabama…you must know I have a gun…did I win so I wouldn’t hunt you down, LOL!

  2. LOL…No Mrs Who you won fair and square.

  3. Have a safe trip!

  4. Have fun and come back in one piece!

  5. dragonlady474

    Here, let me prepare you for the trip…
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?

  6. are you gonna buy a banjo for the trip back?

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