Blast from the Past…The GI Joe Story

I was going to change the logo to read “GI Jose” for my own personal amusement, but I’m just too tired to mess with it today.  

Okay Michelle you wanted the GI Joe story, and Dragon has given you her version. Well buckle up because you’re about to get the Goldbloom version. hehehe!

As Dragon stated in her story it all started when we found ourselves living back at our parents house. Mom had gotten rid of all our toys (WTF) so we had to entertain ourselves somehow. Fortunately for us it didn’t take much to amuse our intoxicated selves. Anyways following is an example of what we did to an unsuspecting “GI Joe” coloring book we stumbled (literally) upon one night.

I have a BIG gun & I like to show it to everyone! Damn my eyebrows are bushy.

GI Joe: Hey lady have YOU seen my BIG gun?

GI GOLDBLOOM: Shut up sissy boy my guns bigger than yours.

:::crying::: That mean, mean woman she took my BIG gun & my clothes, & my foot. WAH!

Side Note: the above pic was what all of Dragons dolls looked like when we were kids. They were always naked & missing body parts. Pretty damned scary!

Good Lord man get a hold of yourself, and get some damned clothes on. You’re a GI Joe

Have you seen my BIG gun, it’s about this big.

I’ll help you find your gun sugar pants.

Hey before I get dressed did you notice how manly my chest is?

GI Joe: Excuse me have you seen my BIG gun anywhere? Some b*tch kicked my @ss and took it from me. Although I found her extremely hot I have the desire to rip her foot off and smack her with my BIG gun.

Oh Please sweet Lord let me find my BIG gun…I feel naked without it…and please let my hair be blond again…and could you do something about my bushy eyebrows…and what’s up with the new Barbie?

Anyway this is just an example (a mild one) of what Dragon & I did to the coloring book whilst in a drunken stupor. Hey I wonder if the boys have a GI Joe coloring book around here!?





6 responses to “Blast from the Past…The GI Joe Story

  1. Looks like you’ve got a G.I. Jose with kung fu grip! Or else he’s been holding on to something round for a while!

  2. The only thing Jose holds onto that long is his wallet. 🙂

  3. This was a hoot! The one dressed in safari gear has knock knees, did you notice?

    I want more!! Do another one!!

  4. I never had Gi joes but my friend’s all had naked ones.

    Always wondered about that.

    Here is a video I made with a similar theme

  5. My Barbie’s were always naked…impossible to get clothes on those rubber bodies!

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